wOtcha lOOking at?

caught someone in my office staring at my *cleavage* the other day, just because i had the top 2 buttons of my shirt undone. but there was no hint of soft curves whatsoever though. unless he was admiring my smooth skin, or the pendant on the chain around my neck… perhaps even the split ends of my hair? hmm.. but i always have the top 2 buttons of my shirt undone what.
sure us girls/women nowadays usually do the same, tantalising you men with a peekaboo[b], and yes, you can look/stare/ogle if you want to, but does it have to be done BLATANTLY and right-in-my-face-while-i’m-asking-you-a-question instead of concentrating at the question at hand?
10 seconds is LONG!
wait, 5 seconds is also long!
coincidentally the day before this happened, i had a conversation with a friend regarding blatant ogling. he told me that he was with his friends [another guy and one girl] and as they walked out of the restaurant, a guy was coming in. just after the girl walked past this guy, he made a 180 degree turn behind and deliberately craned his neck to peer into her shirt!
uhm, excuse me… be discreet la.
it’s not about us girls/women ‘asking for it’. it may be complimentary, but if you’re a guy who has a permanent hamsup (perverted) expression on his face [*ugh*], and/or forever staring like we’d be flattered to see drool coming out of your mouth [*bleh*], and/or we’re talking to you but your eyes are just glued to our cleavage, and/or you’re just short so your eye level just has to remain at our cleavage level, it doesn’t mean you cannot be discreet.
anyway, it wasn’t like i was wearing this to the office…..
[this pic is taken from www.jabrocks.com]
p.s. and when your boss does it….. *shivers* ……. yerr..

14 thoughts on “wOtcha lOOking at?”

  1. so for guys…if you have male breast…we should unbutton a button or 2…i wonder what will happen then ah? if you got chest hair even better…adjust those hair and leave it tangling out..wahseh! lol

  2. xes: nice huh, the pic. jealous leh u. ;P
    frank: which part showed off you like? ;P
    Laynie: who who? xes and his cleavage? *ehehe* ;P
    pokai pockets: i wish that pic was mine =) and male breasts sounds…… interesting. demo a bit?

  3. i think gurls/women should cover up themselves if they dun want to b peep by guy like dat =)..if ya dun u’re juz asking for guys to stare at ur cleavge or wut eva!!

  4. wondney: hehehe.. last time i attended a relative’s wedding and my aunty wore a low plunging dress, and erm.. my other uncles had to maintain eye contact with her while talking to her, in case they get accused of staring!
    but then again, some ppl are quite liberal ma.

  5. i think its shud be a rule that all girls must only wear half cup. and no clothes above armpit level! canot show all la. show all no fun edi ma? no “mystery mystery” feel ma. hor sexxor hor?

  6. Aiyar…show cleavage expect to be oggled at loh. Sometimes men have little self control when it comes to women’s tantalising bits. Its like a reflex.
    00g ass crack
    00g slender armpits…..with bush!
    I don’t understand women sometimes. They WANT to seduce men but don’t like to see the man BEING seduced. Aiyah….i’m so confused.

  7. they say only la they don like, women love it when men stare la, especially if the guy is hensem like me. if they don like it why dress provocatively correct or not?

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