Love story in the photo copy department..

Romance in the office is one of the most common cultures in many big organisations. I heard that in some law firms, when colleagues (both lawyers) get hitched, one of the has to leave the firm.
Some time back, there was another addition to our Court’s Department. A young petite girl. I have no idea what her position is.
K, one of our photocopy boys has hots over her. I’ve seen the girl spending time with him in the photocopy room. I even heard from my colleagues that they always have lunch together. Sort of like a match made in heaven couple.
So one day, while on my way back, I bumped into K in the lift.
Me: So where’s your chick?
K: Sigh..she..she’s getting engage..
Me: \(*O*)/ Is that truee????
K: Yeah.. end of this year.. She has a fiancé
Me: shittt…
K: yeah.. it’s okay I still have 10 more chicks. wahahahah
Me: …….
Months later, that girl got together with another photocopier boy.
Seriously, What the t00t.

14 thoughts on “Love story in the photo copy department..”

  1. aahhhhhh…brings back memories of the photocopy room at my old work place.
    Unfortunately, my current workplc has no photocopy room.

  2. I wonder if people fart in photocopy rooms? Bimbobum probably does that at her work place, so not a good place to try and pick her up there.

  3. Cen Ni: Funny funny. My life is to boring to blog about. Thats y i’m always checking out this website to see what other people are doing…also to stalk Bimbobum. But I don’t think she is taking me serious…damn u bimbobum!
    I vote for Cen Ni to be a blogger here…hehehe

  4. darren: yeah 😀
    Low: AHHAHA
    endrooG: dont pray pray, photocopier boys can strut their shit too
    Cm: we have BOYS & GIRLS to photocopy for us 😀
    Cen Ni: you used to comment under the nick of Jenny last year right??
    Scuzzy: Kindly be informed that you may apply to be a guestblogger here. Send me an email!
    Lainie: LOL, photocopierboys gone wild.

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