Luk-luk (Steamboat)

One of my favourite night stalls would be luk-luk (steamboat).

It’s usually set up on a vehicle (motorcycle or truck) with a variety ranging from raw meat to vegetables on skewers to choose from. The price ranges from RM1 – RM4 per stick and the prices are marked on the skewers by colour code. The process is simple, grab a skewer, then dip it in to the boiling water until cooked.

I used to be quite disgusted with luk-luk. I always have this idea of hundreds of people redipping their meat into the boiling water after taking a bite. So with the repeated process, by the end of the day, the bowl of boiling water will end up being a bowl of boiling saliva.

But recently, I’ve grown to love it, especially after few mugs of air kencing setan (beer). Also, I realised that most people do not redip their stuff back into the boiling water after taking a bite. So therefore, the likelihood of having my luk-luk boiled with saliva is pretty slim.

However, excessive lukluk and beer could lead to one thing.

23 thoughts on “Luk-luk (Steamboat)”

  1. zhong: hahaHAhahahHAahhaha.
    bombobom: good la. the next where’s fanker competition, winner gets to treat bimbobum eat lukluk

  2. boob_omatic: sick ah u… u derive pleasure from that issit? hehehhe.
    how’s the LDR coming along? ok i hope? *kepoh aunty bimbobum mode*

  3. bimbobum: i was just kidding about the kukubird part. it’s sickening actually and i can imagine it’ll give me more torture than pleasure…hehe
    btw, thanks for your caring. i’m still coping well at the moment and hopefully things will work out for the better. thanks again.

  4. dude .
    i go clubbing during weekends just so i have an excuse to eat lok lok. i mean driving out all the way to ampang park to eat lok lok is a bit out of the way. so i need an excuse to justify me eating there.

  5. boobs: deep it into hot oil..w000t!
    pikey: kekeke after few beers, you wont give a fux already!
    kian: yeah. otherwise u sponsor her air ticket to miri la eheh
    Slinky: wahlao, you know ur DJs well man! yeah he’s one of the filterheadz boys. he’s DJ Anatta’s friend. we went to eat lukluk haha
    Amos: but its meat boiled with saliva worrr.. yerrr
    Dilirius: u mean the guy wearing fatman tshirt? hehe
    johnson: heheh go go go!
    wolf: its in oug 😀
    Darren: miri dont have ka?
    glo: hahahaha u can goto pasar malam for lukluk too man!

  6. Hahahaha damn happening wei! I can just imagine having steamboat with Tiesto !! Luk-luk is good but got bad experience cause eat already then diarrhea..

  7. Some of my Malaysian friends love this steamboat so much…but I couldn’t get myself to try it.. don’t hate me but I think it’s YUKKKKK…

  8. I just can’t stand the fact that all kind of raw meat are dipped into the same boiling water… esp when I see bubbles on top of the water (which getting thicker and thicker)…
    just my personal opinion laaa… this is one of several things that I don’t wanna try… besides, I can’t imagine how good it would taste like… I’m more BBQ person 🙂

  9. chaliz: heheheh i actually wanted to drink the water! i’m sure it will taste good after so many types of dishes are boiled there 😀

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