Lunch with Tom

I’ll be leaving Kuala Lumpur tomorrow night for Sheffield. I’m beginning to miss Kuala Lumpur. sob

Melody and I wanted to watch the premier of The Tuxedo by Jacky Chan at Mid Valley. We tried to book tickets last night but the staff told us to get it tomorrow because they are not sure that whether they could film the show tomorrow. This morning, we got up early and reached Mid Valley early to book the tickets (it’s usually a sold out and I wanted to watch that movie before I leave for the UK). Unfortunately, the premier was cancelled.

We were supposed to have lunch with Tom but he was late. We loitered around MPH bookstore while waiting for him. The bookstore is cool. It has a reading area equipped with benches and a fountain in the middle. We took couple of books and started reading till we were sick of alphabets. We found this book that gives advises on handling people you can’t stand. It categorised those people in classes namely the tank, sniper, the i-know-it-all, the I-think-I-know-it-all etc. The sniper is a person who targets insults and sarcasm at you. The I-know-it-all person is someone who has an in-depth knowledge of something and refuses to accept other views. The I-think-I-know-it-all is a person who has little knowledge of a topic but yet he still thinks he knows it all. The key to handle such people is tolerance and also striking back. For I-think-I-know-it-all person, all you need to do is just keep track of what the person says all the time, study the topic he’s talking about and finally, when the person speaks again, oppose to every point that he has.

Tom came much later. Apparently he had to move to his new place and the LRT suddenly stopped working. We went to Sushi King. It was his first time and I taught him the correct way to pick up a sushi. As usual, I started stuffing him with food. He ate till he couldn’t take another bite anymore.
Tom doesn’t speak much. We had to start the conversation all the time but most of the time we talk about clubbing. British people love to club. His current work (as a DJ) only pays him rm100 an hour and its only once a week. He just applied for couple of new jobs namely Atmosphere and Backroom but he’s still waiting for an answer.

3 of us decided to watch a movie after lunch. s1m0ne was good. I love it. We watched the show without knowing what’s the whole movie about. There were no surprises and moreover predictable in the movie but yet it’s still good.

Due to the fact that my car is still in the workshop, we had to take a taxi home. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily and there was a long taxi queue. We went back and forth both ends of Mid Valley to catch a taxi but it seems that everywhere was packed with people. Dreadfully frustrated, I called dad to fetch us. Dad has never been to Mid Valley and he decided to park his car in Mid Valley first so that it’s easier for us to look for him. Bad move, as soon as we got out from the parking, we were stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours. We dropped Tom in the LRT station before heading back to United Garden for dinner.
11:10PMYesterday’s update
Dad left his car for me to use today. For your info, I’ve been travelling with a taxi throughout the whole week. It’s bloody hectic I tell you. It’s either there arent any taxis around or they drive like a maniac and also sometimes they overcharge me.

I collected my plane ticket at 1 Utama Shopping Complex today. I just found out that my flight to UK has to make a stop in Mumbai!! And therefore the duration of my flight has been increased from 13 hours to 15 hours. Fuck! Furthermore, I have to make stops in other airports when I come back to Malaysia in December. This is what you get for purchasing a cheap ticket.

I messaged Tom (my British friend from Sheffield Uni) today. He told me that he was spinning in Frangapani club (no idea where it is but according to him it’s near Lot 10) last night and apparently it was good, loads of pretty models he said. I’ll be having lunch with him tomorrow. Probably I’ll bring him to Sushi King at Midvalley.

Night time
Chee Ming came over to my place. He called me at first and asked me to have dinner. I was a little bit indecisive and soon he started throwing tantrums at me. Melody and I then accompanied him to SeaView Restaurant to eat. We chatted about our friends and things that we used to do together. It’s good to remind me of the good old days.

At 10pm, Melody and I went to the night market at OUG. We walked around, bought some pirated VCDs, ate some desserts and even drank Sharkfin soup. The shark fin soup was about RM3.50 for a small bowl. Obviously, the fins aren’t real. Probably they’re made out of jelly but it tasted good though. I heard that shark fins doesn’t have a taste. The taste comes from the soup which is made from crab meat.

While walking to check out the pirated VCDs, the VCD vendors started packing their goods. My god, they were damn fast. Within minutes, everything is gone. It seems that they heard rumours that the authorities are going to raid the place.