Top of the MORNING!

Piracy..*sigh* That word does bring music to my ears. SS2 Petaling Jaya is always the place to get pirated stuffs. Be it, VCD, DVD, Computer Software or Computer Games. Vendors would be competing for customers by promoting their vcds to them and telling how good/funny/gross a certain movie is. Some would be shouting “sub yii soi ngam mou lou sai” (translation would be something like : Boss, 12 years old porn movie suitable for you?) Fuck man i never once bought porn vcd from vcd vendors as it’s a little too disturbing for the likes of me. Everyone will be assuming that i’m a sick cunt. Not that i’m not though, but one must protect his outer innocent layer. 🙂 There’s always the internet and friend’s who are sick enough to buy them. Hee Hee!! However, it’s really a turn on when u see chicks browsing through the porn section though. LOL!

Like XES said, whenever, the vcd vendors received information that there’s going to be a raid, they’ll all pack up and leave the scene so fast before you can even buy your normal chee cheong farn. In SS2, there’ll be this really big fellow who just walks around the stalls and he’ll be carrying a walkie talkie with him. The other messenger would be waiting outside the JPJ department building (raid officers). Whenever a JPJ truck comes out, the messenger will follow it and observe which particular area they’re going to raid and reports back to the big fellow at SS2 to ask him to stand by. The big fellow then shouts to the vendors to be prepared. The vendors will arrange and put their stack of PIRATED vcds in such a way, when packing up is needed, it would be easier for them to just lift it up and stash it in their getaway van. When it’s confirm that there’s going to be a raid, all the vendors would start packing and just wait for the JPG officers to arrive and fucking laugh at them while making loud noices with their big mufflers from their car. It’s quite entertaining actually to see how these people work in a team and how coordinate they actually are. My god it’s like a fucking cult.

Bass Station it is tonight! WoOO HoOoO!! May have to head down to Salt first though cause Weng will be down there as this is his first time in Melbourne and he wanted to see how the famous Salt was like. Same owner as salt, i think Nouvo is a much better place though. Actually both sucks big time. Unless you’re a R&B freak, you’ll think these places is the SHITS! Lots of Viets and they like staring at you which makes it so uncomfortable. And the worst thing is that your can’t do shit about it. Unless you wanna get your damn head shot off of course. It’s like operation Desert Fucking Storm in Salt. Not surprising people were killed there. Places like Bass Station will never have these kind of crowd and action because of it’s reliability of the security and yeah the crowd are so much friendlier. Although Hard Kandy is pretty dodgey and dangerous but hell it’s really more like an experience to be there then just a normal clubbing club. AsK XES, he’ll enlighten you.