Malaysia – a copy cat nation

When I was young, I always fret that our national flag is almost identical with the flag of United States.

Malaysia flag

Why cant they come out with something original?

USA flag

Then we have our “Buatan Malaysia” logo.

Looks similiar eh?

Few months ago, Malaysia’s national newspaper, The Star reported that the Malaysia national anthem, Negara ku is a song from a Hawaiian melody.

The song is called Mamula Moon and is by Felix Mendelssohn and His Hawaiian Serenaders.

Download here (by Teh Eng Hock of The Star)


Compare with
Negara ku – Malaysia national anthem
The Star newspaper report:
Reminds me of my primary school days when we alter our national anthem to….

Negara kuu (My Country)
Tunku chui fuu (Tunku (first prime minister) takes off his pants)

23 thoughts on “Malaysia – a copy cat nation”

  1. yEa…proton is a copy cat..the buatan malaysia logo i think isn’t a copy…Nike came out only in the 90s. So since that logo has been around for a while..doubt it’s a copy…

  2. karheng: u sure?i thought buatan malaysia logo just came out in e last 5 years onli.
    e national song copying dat hawaiian song was a shocker 4 me.i nvr knew dat! my goodness.

  3. frank: yeah man
    karheng: nike swoosh has been around way before ths 90s. i remember when i first saw the buatan malaysia logo, i was like, “hey that looks like nike!”
    Diehardx: yeah the buatan malaysia logo is quite recent. if u read the link i pasted, our national song came from the perak’s state anthem, which is from a popular song called terang bulan. terang bulan a translated version of Mamula moon.

  4. btw sexxor. mail me the kit kat bar 😛 muahahhaa.. i want umm umm, the one with the lotus paste one. kitkat noir is it? or was it wine? i want i want! thanks *MUACKS*

  5. Darren: keke yeah.
    louyaumike: theres actually nothing wrong with copying other people. i see Japan copying many things from other countries and yet they’re one of the most advance countries in the world.
    Ben: if you’ve read the link i posted (about negara ku), you cant actually blame tunku or whoever for it becaue they got the song from perak’s state anthem, which was a popular song back in the 1940s. probably they had no idea that it was from a hawaiian song
    honfaai: address pls
    ggunni: heheh yeah the hawaiian veresion is slower.

  6. read it, actually it doesn’t really matter la. how many people out there would’ve heard of mamula moon anyways.. those who know the song are probably dead or senile by now. and probably have nto even heard of malaysia

  7. interesting how they found the original song. but maybe it could be the hawaiians that copy the so called ‘terang bulan’??? and back there were no such thing as copyrights mah. ohh just a note; the lyrics to Star Spangled Banner(US national anthem) was written based on an English Drinking song tune. maybe that’s worst than the m’siano one? heehee drunkards…

  8. finally someone who shares my thoughts!!!
    i always wondered why is our flag so similiar to USA’s flag.. i mean, people will normally just look at the stripes and assume it’s american..
    during the Iraq war.. i read that the malaysian rescue team went through ALOT of confusion just cos of the flag.. it got to a point where they had to hide the flag! imagine that man…
    would it be so wrong to request that we change the flag? all of it is just screaming USA!!
    the stripes.. the colours (except yellow) american flag…
    thank god we got the moon and star..
    and the star!! OMG i remember last time in school when we had to draw the flag.. damn fucking hard wei to draw the star!! GRRRR…

  9. its the shitty malaysian education system.every1 force u to memorize shit .what malaysian education system need to do is to focus on critical thinking!maybe then malaysia will have at least one original idea. wont cost more than the twin penises located in kuala lumpur.

  10. Mamola Moon was a SHOCKER!! I never know!! I always realize how copycat-ish our ppl can be from (seriously, there are many Malaysian movies which copy Hollywood movies: eg: I just saw Prebet Jamilah this morning which is a complete copycat of Private Benjamin!! with a few- poorly done- twist, Kau dan Aku is a copycat of High School Musical, etc). I love this country, but I gotta admit, it’s quite rare to find something original in Malaysia…

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