Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival!


2010 is whizzing by so quickly that more than half a year has gone past and only 4 more months left! AAAA

Time for my resolution-check!

One of my key resolutions that I set for 2010 was to save enough money for a house.

To achieve my goal, for starters I had…
1. Cut down on unnecessary travelling (except for business trips) – CHECK
2. Diligently save 30%-40% of my monthly income – CHECK
3. I continued to write blog advertorials – CHECK
4. Entered Enter contests to win cash prizes or win any items deemed attractive to my eyes – ???

Although I’ve been keeping tabs on my money, there are times when I just had to splurge simply for the sake of contributing to the country’s economic growth which is not such a bad thing!

That time has come, the moment I’ve been waiting for…the annual Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival is finally here! Time to stock up my parents’ birthday gifts, gf’s Christmas gift and new pair of working shoes! ho ho ho

The country’s biggest sale carnival (running from 24th July to 16th September) brings you an array of bargains from home grown products, funky fashion-wear, and the latest gadgets to affordable holiday packages and the best part is that many of the retail goods are tax exempted or duty free. You don’t need to fly all the way to Langkawi or Labuan just for duty free shopping!

Or to Bandung

and buy ciplak stuff 😛

Or to outlet stores at New York 😛

And come back with a huge credit card debt :O Took me months to clear off my NYC trip credit card debt -_-

To add to the excitement, there are several contests running in conjunction with Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. One is by MasterCard, the official card of Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2010 which will be rewarding its cardholders with attractive weekly prizes worth up to RM100,000 through its ‘MasterCard Spend and Win Programme’. Every week for eight weeks, MasterCard cardholders will stand a chance to win a MasterCard Priceless Eco travel package to East Malaysia. Aside from this priceless experience, MasterCard will also be giving away two Apple iPad 3G, weekly for eight weeks. ZOMG I WANT TO WIN AN IPAD!!!

Off the streets, you can put your creativity to the test with the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival Website Contest by Tourism Malaysia. Capture your ‘I love to shop in Malaysia’ moment in a 3-minute video clip and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM10,000! In order to join the contest, participants are required to be a fan of, done by clicking ‘like’ at ShopMalaysia’s Facebook page. Participants must also have a registered account with YouTube for the purpose of uploading video entries. To enter, the video must be uploaded onto YouTube and the Link, be submitted through the online form posted in the ShopMalaysia’s website, From the 24th August to 30th September 2010, all videos submitted during the one-month long promotion will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The videos will be judged based on performance, cinematic appeal, editing, creativity, and viewing frequency on Youtube.

Back to my to-do list item No.4, I will try my luck on swiping my MasterCard (with cautious of course) because I WANT TO WIN AN IPAD!!!

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  1. Issshhh!! The sales is until 16 Sept only… Looks like Im gonna miss the bargain… ohh… btw, Bandung’s stuff are not that ciplak. Hahahah!!! There’s different grades… XD

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