Penang: 1 Night Trip: Mama One Ton Mee

I found this place while roaming randomly around Penang. The first thing that caught my attention was their signboard stating, “Mama One Ton Mee – since 1960”. The words “Since 1960” caught my attention. If they’ve been around so long, they must be good!

Mama One Ton Mee is located at Lorong Susu. It’s a small shop that serves solely wan tan mee but with a few variety. It seems that they specialize in wan tan mee.

I decided to depart from the usual Penang hawker food i.e char kuey teow and prawn mee and choose wan tan mee instead. I’ve never seen anyone raving about Penang wan tan mee.

I ordered roasted pork wan tan mee.

It was not bad! The noodles very springy and the dumplings were tasty!

I did a search on the internet and I was surprised that I couldn’t find any local blogs talking about this place. The only website that I found was actually Japanese blog. Check it out here

It is just a street away from Lorong Selamat. If you’re tired of the usual fried kuey teow and cendol, do head to Lorong Susu for awesome Wan Tan Mee!


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