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Malaysia most famous blogger, Raja Petra Kamarudin (“RPK”) was invited as a guest speaker at my office few weeks back. RPK is Malaysia’s most well known socio-political blogger and was once arrested under the draconian Malaysian Internal Securities Act. His website, Malaysia Today reportedly has around 50 million hits till March 2007. It was privilege having him at our office. For once, the seats at our monthly talk were filled up.
RPK started off his speech by saying. “Winston Churchill once said that the best impromptu speech is a speech that took weeks to prepare”. Nevertheless, it was one interesting speech.
Blogging in Malaysia
He said that two of the most popular topics to be discussed in blog are sex and politics. It would be even more popular if you blog about politicians’ sexcapades.
He believes that blogging is one of the most powerful tools in politics. George Bush Jr had used the internet to campaign for his second term. Hilary Clinton has set up her blog to support her candidacy. And Malaysian Today, has one mission, not to support the opposition, but to topple those in power. His main focus is not on the people on the rural areas, but on those of the middle class. His target is the decision makers and not the ordinary rural voters who care for nobody but themselves, whether their roads are well maintained and whether they are paid. He believes that by influencing the decision makers, he will be able to change the people on top.
Malaysian Politics
Various topics were touched including our Prime Minister’s sleeping habits, Deputy Prime Minister losing grip on power, Anwar Ibrahim’s political life and his trial in Court and Khairy Jamaluddin being the most powerful person in Malaysia and the future Prime Minister of Malaysia.
When asked on who he thinks is the most suitable person to be the next Prime Minister, he answered, “Tengku Razaleigh”. According to him, Tengku Razaleigh was Malaysia’s former Finance Minister and is well versed with the government and also involved in the setting up of the Malaysia’s powerful economic machineries such as Petronas.
And I always thought it would be our Hishammudin.
His speech lasted around 1 hour plus. I had the opportunity to introduce myself to him before he was swarmed by the bosses.
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9 thoughts on “Malaysia Today – Raja Petra Kamarudin”

  1. Hehehe..e-fly…xes has bimbobum for that!!
    When I read the passage, I had a feeling xes’ was blogging about a celebrity…But heck…50 million hits is definitely something man…That’s mad!

  2. karheng : He is a celebrity! Or rather his website is.. 😛 I’m sure a lot of people are like me.. They know his website but don’t actually know who own / started it..
    But I’m not surprised about the number of hits. With the amount of control over the mass media, people are now looking for alternative news that actually delivers what they want to know.

  3. R – Rahman
    A – Abdul Razak
    H – Hussien Onn
    M – Mahathir
    A – Abdullah badawi
    N – ??? how can it be someone’s name which starts from T?

  4. This actually was mentioned by 1 of my teacher in tuition when i was standard 5. That was 1997. Rahman’s name is a blessing. So my prediction would be, yea baburs, najib.

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