Professional Blogger I Am …….. Not

The above is fake, purely FICTION. ;D
Recent articles in the Star (5th and 6th May 2007) reported that the Min1stry of Inf0rmati0n want bloggers to be classified as professional and non-professional ones in order to monitor the contents of blogs in Malaysia.
It amused me tremendously, imagining the government department monitoring my blog posts on relationships and food complaints. And my posts with occasional eye candy pictures, such as the “revolutionary cleavage” or “my sports bra“! Sh*t.
If I choose to be classified as a non-professional bl0gger, which is what I am, then I don’t see the need to be subjected to strenuous rules. I don’t touch on “matters enshrined in the Federal C0nstitution” (quote on page 8, The Star, 6 May 2007).
Most blogs are used as a forum to convey their opinions, be it correct or wrong, and yes, some could be based on uncertified sources. It does not mean that we are not mature enough to know what is correct and what is wrong, what should be the way and what should not, as the freedom of information is what opens our mind to the world.
Read Wong Chun Wai’s view “Do Away with Archaic Laws” on this at page 6 of The Star, 6 May 2007, if you still have your newspaper!

23 thoughts on “Professional Blogger I Am …….. Not”

  1. wats w Lx prob?? haha damn amusing and childish ahha!.. implementing the rules of pro and unpro bloggers is lame ler.. they just wanna monitor wat we wrote (scared we write shit about them i guess haha!)

  2. honestly how can the government progress without allowing citizens to critic. It’s already scary enough having the ISA around to curb our freedom of speech. Now we can’t even blog about what we think without being monitored? o_O

  3. Wooo I missed lx’s comment here. Yay more entertainment for me! That’s what you are lx, just purely entertainment for me. Nothing personal at all.
    Sheesh lx.. Is that all you can come up with? Commenting on my dance? Looks? Style? Calling me names? Pfftt..
    Oh and from the feedback that I’ve got from girls, who are hot by the way, they said I look good.
    And also, it says you’re affiliated with Jak Othman Martial Arts Studio right? Well, if your sensei / sifu / guru were to know your true colours, I’m sure they would be really ashamed of you. Do you know the ethics of martial arts in the first place?
    Ethics of martial arts include Humility, Courage (Courage of self-sacrifice), Integrity, and Respect. It’s already damn obvious that you lack two of them, which is humility and respect. The other two I don’t know. You tell me.
    And from what my friends, who are taking martial arts, told me; one would be taught on how to be in control, not losing their cool, not looking for trouble. You failed all of that man. You can’t even keep you cool against my words. And you were the one who sparked trouble in this site.
    FYI, I don’t have any formal martial arts training. So if you were to come down from Melbourne and whack me, and I lose, there would be no shame for me primarily because I don’t learn martial arts. But there would be shame for you because you just whacked someone who is obviously less skilled than you in martial arts, contradicting with the ethics of martial arts. However, if so happens that you lose, I have this strong feeling that your pride will go down the drain.

  4. Again, like I’ve mentioned earlier, I don’t ride a bike. I guess you are blind because you can’t seem to read. Oh wait, I guess you’re illiterate.
    And why rempit in the first place? Do you call all Malays as rempits? You do know that is considered a racist remark, by stereotyping a race to a certain group. You know what, I guess you are a racist. Like I’ve said, good luck to you in the future. Multi National Companies don’t like racism. Unless you’re not aiming to work for a Multi National Company. Then I guess it’s fine. Stay the way you are then.
    You know lx, I never thought it could happen, but it did. You are becoming boring. You’re not even creative with your insults.
    I’m really curious, why do you claim yourself to be an eccentric? You do know that eccentricity is often associated with creativity, which you don’t seem to have at all. Mind sharing with us all why exactly do you claim to be an eccentric? I have shared the reason why I wore long sleeves.
    Man this is fun.. Might as well enjoy it while it last. Once my semester starts I won’t be able to log in as often as I am now.
    Thanks for the entertainment lx!
    Just to help you, why not you take my words about the ethics and use it to improve yourself mentally? I’m really surprised that you are older than I am because they way you’re acting, it’s as though you’re 10 years younger than I am.

  5. Oh wait I just thought of this!
    Maybe you are an eccentric! The fact that you’re acting years below your actual age may classify as an unusual behavior!
    Sorry for underestimating your eccentricity!

  6. Aiya don’t lah. Malu man. It was someone else posing as Lx. So I was insulting the wrong person.. Sorry dude.
    Whoever that person was has no guts at all. Wanna pose as someone else and saying all that..
    I guess now the hunt should begin on who the right person was.

  7. Aiya don’t lah. Malu man. It was someone else posing as Lx. So I was insulting the wrong person.. Sorry dude.
    Whoever that person was has no guts at all. Wanna pose as someone else and saying all that..
    I guess now the hunt should begin on who the right person was.

  8. bimbobum:hahaha if i were you, I’ll go to the public toilet and take pictures of used pad stuck on the wall then blog how dirty our toilets are. (indirect menstrual blog lar!)

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