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Advertising your product/services is one of the best and quickest ways to promote your product/service. However, it brings positive and negative impact on your business. One of the negative impacts is the common presumption that when businesses advertise, that means that they are not doing well. Of course, this common presumption is rebuttable.

My friend in the advertisement line once complained that the advertisements in Malaysia are not up to international par. He blamed his clients for not being open minded. Does anyone in the advertising industry feels the same too?

I found an advertisement on the newspaper today. It cracked me up! It’s an advertisement by a property developer promoting their newly constructed residential area. It seems that nowadays the competition between property developers is getting stiffer. I’ve seen some offering free food to their potential customers at their show rooms.

And of course, this particular housing developer offers free food. Yummy!

And also a tour around the place. Fuhlamaks.

And now, ambassadresses to bring you around! What the fish!

17 thoughts on “Malaysian Advertisement”

  1. Hey i saw this ad @ the star papers….actually what i think abt the ad is that the designer is totally suck, i really don’t know how he/she pass his/her papers during college. What a lousy and aweful ad. And mentioning about the girls, now the purpose is to sell house not selling girls!

  2. thats funny..never seen anything like that before… malaysia ads design are very tacky. Im in the design industry myself and clients are never willing to pay a lil more to make it look better. Their motto is if can see and read good need to glamour it…

  3. insomnia: yup. clubs also have ambassodors.
    Amos: cannot blame designers sometimes. its the client’s preferance.
    Eileen: damn, look like malaysian businesses doesnt really invest tons on A&P
    endroo G: AHAHHA what u trying to saY? kekekek
    bobobum: sure bo, become gigolo ah.
    AHLOKKOR: ahahahha btw, i’m using MT. the free one 😀

  4. the ads is attracting hungry & horny ppl, they expect ppl liddat to buy ar?
    ambassadresses : lousai, blablabla *talking bout the hse*
    horny buyers/not buyers : huh? who said i’m here for the hse, i wan U in the hse
    ambassadresses : *swt* i’m taken. blablabla *talk on the hse again*
    in the end, nth happens.

  5. Darren: 3 possibilities of whats next:
    -next they will give away free massage by some nice Thai masseuse.
    -free voucher to shop at some department stores/ supermarket
    -free Sunway Lagoon theme park ticket (all parks)

  6. u mean if u buy a house from them, you get a free fuck on the house? wow this takes business competition to new heights

  7. avalondevil: there might be some horny uncle doing that to the girls la. but i think the girls’ involvement are purely on a PR basis i.e. giving good service 😛
    Darren: haha i think endroo G answered you question.
    endroo G: hehehe wahlao im not suprised if they come up with those things u just said!
    chuoming: aiyo. no la, they are not pros 😛

  8. wahh…is like selling a brothel mannn..!!! pirated pornos dvds must be source of inspiration!!! yey…i think ykeong could have come out a better ones than tat mann!! ;D HAHAHA…

  9. hahahaha….omg… desperate meh developers these days.
    I wonder if they can speak english…teh ambasadresses.

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