“So you wanna act cute” by fanky panky

fanky panky challenged my poses the other day, saying that paperbags do not deliver the message well. I told him it had to be that way, since revealing my ugly stepsister features may shock www.xes.cx readers into coma.

fanky panky
volunteered to show me the macho style of posing, and i wanted to laugh till i piss in my pants, just imagining it already at that time – but of course, i didn’t.
“Come, let me show you the macho way of acting cute,” fanky panky gestured me to take out my camera.
I refused.
He sulked.
Like 259,786 times.
And I cannot stand men sulking.
In public.
So I had to give in. ;P

You’re looking like an old man, fanky bo…. ;D

I find this scary! ;D
But at the end of the day, we should all be ourselves. No posing!
What is the point?
Acting cute and looking cute but having a voice like a gorrilla on ecstasy, no point, right….. <---- sermon from bimbobum. ;P
Damn macho!!
I lurvvvvvvve youuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………………….

p.s. and i’m not in lurvvvvvve with fanky panky. ;P
p.p.s. lesson for the day: Pose Wisely

20 thoughts on ““So you wanna act cute” by fanky panky”

  1. hahahahahahaahahahah damn that fank o farouk.. funny as always like back during the secondary school days..

  2. those fanks pics reminds me of initial D’s Itsuki Takeuchi…no offence la…but iggys not as good looking as takumi and hes obnoxious at times.

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