Malaysian Are Rude

Yesterday, the Newspaper published a survey done by Reader Digest which said that We, Malaysian are 3rd Rudest people in the World. Hahahaha..the World? How come the survey was only conducted in 35 Countries? What about the Japanese, who are known for their politeness? ooooh..well, the Reader Digest said that they did not carry out the survey in Japan because there is no Japanese version of Reader Digest….

So, are we actually rude? I would say “YES, WE ARE”. Take this incident for instance, my colleague and i were walking to lunch today. When a big 4 wheels drive suddenly zoomed past us and knocked (lightly) on my colleague’s arm. The car stopped on the road side, and the passenger winded down the passenger Windows. We thought the passenger was gonna apologise to my colleague. But no, he stared at us with his COCK EYES and point to his side mirrors. WHAT THE FUCK LA!!! YOU, A CAR JUST KNOCK A PADESTRIAN!!! YOU FUCKING SHOULD APOLOGISE!!!

So are we really rude people or are we only rude when we are behind the wheels or in my case, in the car?

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  1. well frank I can’t agree more. Malaysian’s are rude. Saw that article in the NST. Not only on the road, but in shops, entertainement and food outlets as well. We are uncomparable with country’s like australia. When it comes to service, they are first class. You walk into the shop, they greet you with a friendly smile, help you out in any way they can even if you don’t buy something. Not here man. At times you don’t even get served. Its all in the mentality. Maybe the only place you get friendly service is at your local starbucks. Other than that? Nah, Need to train meh these things? You tell me.

  2. yes. we are damn rude. customer service is ESPECIALLY AWFUL. some can’t even smile, like CAN DIE like that if they do. bloody sticks up their asses, i tell you. and the worst thing is when they are wrong, most of the time they REFUSE to even apologise. all we want is just an apology for getting our orders mixed up, our orders arriving late, or reservations out of the blue cancelled despite being made 1 week in advance. is it so hard? you don’t have to mean it when you say sorry, but pretend and smile la, at least.
    and then when they piss us off too much, we end up being rude in return. haiya, can’t win la. we stoop to their level. heh.
    car drivers? don’t get me started, man. farkers with bigger cars usually damn arrogant.

  3. not all MALAYSIAN are rude……onli sum of them ……lol
    but reader digest no need to do tat kind of survey lar…..
    paiseh wei…..hehe

  4. Malaysians are really rude. I have to agree. I m a Malaysian but I have to admit Malaysians are reli damn rude. A few days back I was on the way back home from Singapore on a KTM. Just imagine, in less than 15 mins, people push me from behind, got scolded for nothing, nearly got molested by one stupid bastard who tried to squeeze “someting”. And I was loaded with luggage with both my hands, not only they didn’t lend a helping hand, they ask me to MASUK!! MASUK!!! when the KTM was like so damn pack, u can even smell everyone’s armpit for God’s sake (I’m short u see)…damn! So much drama…and my best buddy’s handphone kena curi. Damn! I wish everyone got the Singaporeans’ morality in this minus the kiasu-ness. Sometimes being kiasu is also a good thing.

  5. yup i agree tat malaysian are rude!!!
    especially in petaling street!!!
    if dun buying things will get scolded or end up beaten up!!!
    and if got accident they try to say “it’s your fault” coz they dun wan to pay for tat!!!

  6. I agree with Reader Digest that we Malaysians are rude!!! As piffles said as above, customer service is bad….i tried once in the government sector asking for help…they just don’t care and do their own work!

  7. To me, I think that the main mentality of the people has yet to be developed. That results in the rudeness which you guys often see. I’m SURE there are places where people are not rude, where there is a level of class and sophistication involved. Maybe being at the right place is important too.
    But on the whole, i’ve dealt with more foreigners (hard labourers), indians, banglas, indons, nepalese, burmese etc. who are generally more friendly than your average person on the street. I think that the bigger part of the population is rude, and we really have to address that. Esp those mat motor who always always think they’re right.

  8. from my experience, some of the boutiques will try to copy the japanese style – as soon as you walk in, they will SHOUT some “WELCOME” instead of greeting you the normal way. That seriously scares me away.

  9. OMG xes, you think like me. Hahaha. Paedostrians.
    I kena like your friend before. The car banged my hand as i was getting into my car, the lady stopped, wind down window and look so shocked. And said “Sorry sory sorry are u ok?”
    Then i act cool and say “I am ok, next time miss, please be careful when u drive ok?”
    She nod nod her head and drove off. XD

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