Malaysian: The greatest credit card fraudster in the world?

As we all know that Malaysia’s Credit card is not accepted by a lot of internet shopping portal and web money transfer service namely PayPal. This is because credit card fraud is rampant in our country. I don’t know whether we should be proud or ashame of this but apparently Malaysia’s credit card fraudsters are the best or to be more precise, “the most creative” in the world. On Sunday, News Strait Time (NST) published an article about a new method that our credit card fraudsters are using now.

According to report, the fraudsters nowadays are not merely professional criminal but also inventors. They are like the high-tech thieves we see in the movies. The fraudsters are now using two new devices to steal credit card number. These two devices are so new and rare that the police have not come out with a name for it. The first device is something akin to digital voice recorder (DVR). The fraudster use it to tap phone lines and another is to transfer the data via SMS,the police call it “”wire-tapping transmitter”.

This is how the devices work:” With the DVR, the fraudsters connect the device to the merchant’s telephone line, which sends data to the bank. So any transaction conducted by the merchant is copied by the DVR, which can run for nine hours. If you only have the DVR, someone will have to come and get the device to download the data to a computer. With the wire-tapping transmitter, no one has to collect the device. As it is SMS-ing the data to a phone, the fraudster could be relaxing on a beach somewhere getting all the data,” This new method can steal in between 100 to 1000 accounts daily, depending on the traffic rate.

Next time if you are thinking of paying with your credit card, please do check whether they have additional devices attached to the machine.

9 thoughts on “Malaysian: The greatest credit card fraudster in the world?”

  1. it all started around 1999 where e-shopping is getting popular. many teenage and others fraud the credit card payment,paypal online… especially on famouse e-shop like and… and later on, they banned malaysia from being listed in the shipping area. I’m pretty disappointed because I love buying stuff from amazon especially… now that malaysia is no.1 on fraud… whao..pretty sad case la.just in acse u guys dont know, m’sia is no.1 in rasuah also…saw this news in few years back… geeee….ya! i do wish malaysia’s credit card can be accepted on e-shopping SOON!!!

  2. xes: Woi…u know what is defamation ar? Gavin: If u decide to take action again Xes’s defamatory statement, plz contact me via email. I will do it on pro bono basis….meaning for free larLucy: I dun quite trust credit card payment on the internet. In Malaysia, i only use my credit card on

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