Clubbing in Kuala Lumpur

If you want to know about tops clubs in Kuala Lumpur, here’s a good article written by Jimmie Wing. I got this from ivN

Unfortunately, the author left out some negative aspect of those clubs. I think it would be better if I include them here.


Singapore attempt to influence the dance culture of Malaysia. Photography is strictly prohibited. Anyone who attempts to take pictures after being warned will be kicked out.

Plays a mixture of progressive house, breakbeats, trance etc. Look out for the hot cigarette girls.


Top club filled with young clubbers. Plays a mixture of progressive house, breakbeats and trance. Melbourne shufflers and robot shufflers are abundant here.

However, be aware of drunk blokes who pick fights or alcohol overdosed young ladies who pukes all over the place.


Formally known and fondly known as Emporium. It was once the most popular club in Malaysia but now it has lost its magic due to the advent of new clubs.

Beach Club
Next to Espanda. Foreigner’s (especially white men) favourite night spot. Beware of terrorist attack.


Well known for its smelly cushions.

Warp Dance Club

Crowd is predominantly Chinese with triads background. Do not attempt to pick up girls. Any attempt would result in you being publicly assaulted.

Excellent sound system. Plays hard thumping Canto dance music. Patron’s favourite dance is fengtau (shake head).


It’s a gay club. If you’re straight, dont bother.

Anyone has more to add? 😀

14 thoughts on “Clubbing in Kuala Lumpur”

  1. I’ve lost touch with the city and this article really helps me a lot to know about the KL nightlife now. I’m looking forward to go to these clubs when I return. By the way, if anyone can start a guide about shopping in KL, that’d be great. Were there any new fashion line that just brought into the city? Is there any Banana Republic stores over in M’sia? Where can I get nice vintage clothing? Independent designers? Where to shop suits? Where can I find this? That?….

  2. I’m just trying to look at the brigther side of returning to my home country where shopping online is still a distant dream…(I think, been out of the Malaysian loop lately)

  3. eh, what happened to empo? last i remember, it was still around. but then again, i havent gone clubbing in KL for well over a year! 😡

  4. Saphiryn: how long have u been in NY? u sound like u’ve been away for many many years! hmm…no banana republic hre yet, but i think they sell them @ reject shops! for great shopping places, try Mid Valley, 1 Utama (new wing), Sg Wang and Lot 10! karheng: i’m not sure. i dont go to clubs anymore haha liew: hahah nvm la. for the spirit of malaysia boleh, support only!! YUMMIE: rush ah..mmm been there couple of times and i didnt like it. they play r&b there. loads of chicks though 😀 di0n: empo sau pei already ahhaah

  5. 5 freaking years baby! I’m in midwest now but I did live in Manhattan for a couple of months. By the way, I know techno/house/trance is popular in KL clubs, but over here… from the most ghetto to upscale places, hip-hop is the music. And guess what they play after last-call? Michael Jackson’s Billin Jean. So is there any nice clubs in KL that play hip-hop?

  6. btw, I’ve been wanting to ask you this: why do you have to mention that you are “NOT GAY or BISEXUAL” on the upper right corner? Do guys hit on you all the time?

  7. saphiryn: my advise is stock as many clothes from NY as possible cuz shopping in KL SUX!!!….kekekekeKL do have Kenneth COle n Brooke Bros tho…kekeAh leong… dint expect you would comment on Warp…kekekeke. wat ahppen to Passion and Savanh?

  8. Xes: ya man, too many that it is hard to move around in there. BTW, the guy’s toilet has a very cool design. I wonder they have the same design in the ladies?

  9. irenekay: what la u aunty, where is your malaysia boleh spirit la. kekekee Passion? never been there. Sa Vanh? i think its more of a pub than a club. hehe YUMMIE: dont tok rubbish. Saphiryn: read and hehehe. you like hip hop eh? mmmm, i’m not very familiar with it but you can try rush formally known as Viva. frank: which club u talking about?

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