mama, i wanna learn how to do tat too!

It has been a while, hasn?t it? πŸ˜€ Hellooo again and I wonder if Leong has totally forgotten he had any guest bloggers at all. I blame the damn connection back home; I have been spoilt by broadband in the UK!!

Been stuck at home by mama Chan while she tries to talk me into exercising by cleaning the house (but what for? we pay someone to do that for us, no?) and occasionally going out with the blogging community. Also been pmsing to a point of being psychotic and hehe, many apologies and love out to Chen for being the receiving end of the wrath and being so nice about it too! πŸ˜€

Went shopping with mama and I dunno hoowwwww the hellllllllllllllll she did it but somehow she managed to explain why she deserved to get a diamond ring coz I graduated. And it actually kinda made sense too. *stones for a while* Left me feeling bewildered and slightly baffled but wth, she got the rock. Damnit! Even I didn?t get a gift for graduating! Some kickass skills I gotta learn from mama dearest! Skills, I tell you, SKILLS!!!

Wanted to drive myself crazy (it?s a complex) by keeping my nails as long as I could but after injuring myself one too many times and tired of explaining that those aren?t lovebites (and I swear they aren?t!), I finally cut the nails on my riGht hand! Looking at my laptop?s keyboard now. Somehow I managed to scratch out letters E, R, T, A, S, D, G, C and N. I guess that means I really have to cut my left fingernails a little bit too, huh? I wonder if anywhere sells those letter buttons so I can replace them or something. Or I have to resort to sticking tiny letters on my keyboard and ooOHhh the tackiness.

Attempted to clean my room but after opening one side of my cupboard, I found a box? and ended up sitting on the floor, reading through old letters, looking at photos and smelling certain scents that left lingering memories of a time not so far back. Baby powder, Adidas perfume, Johnson&Johnson body soap. So much has happened and changed since those times when I thought I had it altogether, all figured out. Boy, was I wrong!

My first love was as divine as anyone?s first love, if not better. I thought we were perfect for each other and we probably were. But such flawlessness could only exist at that age when I believe that I have already discovered ?true love!!!? ? such a young age, the only rationale for being fooled so easily. Thinking about it, such foolishness (cynic, I may be) seems to reiterate itself over the years till it somehow becomes a sort of addiction for me. I crave the ?discovery? and sometimes I wonder if it is the craving that I am yearning for at the end of the day. With such satisfaction comes the consequence of the sometimes inevitable break-up. But like any drug that leaves you with a memory of a bad trip, you sometimes find yourself wanting it even more.

I wonder… have I overcome that certain addiction yet? πŸ˜‰


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