Manicure/Pedicure in Ben Tanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City

I wonder what’s so great about manicure/pedicure. I know, I am a guy, I won’t understand. To me, nails are a nuisance. But after reading bimbobum’s post on manicure/pedicure, I decided to blog about this Pusat Kecantikan Kuku..bird.. at Ben Tanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City.

Ben Tanh Market is one of the most popular markets in Ho Chi Minh City. It is also a tourist trap. Things are not cheap there. It’s so tourisy until you have Vietnamese shop keepers screaming, “sumimasennnn, omiyage ga kaitai desu ka!?“.

There is one pedicure/manicure centre in Ben Tanh market. Rather than having sofas, pillows etc etc, they have plastic chairs crammed in to a small lot. It costs about US$3 (could be cheaper for locals!).

Jane & Amoi yang bertetek besar bagaikan buah papaya(translation: hot girl)

It’s interesting to see a group of females crammed in a small area doing their nails.

16 thoughts on “Manicure/Pedicure in Ben Tanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City”

  1. wat la you…. eheheh…. i just heard on tv that there’s a kuku bar that caters for men, too. ;P mebbe u go and try la…

  2. to all perverts: you all got conned. the hot chick is actually a transvestive with big boobs. WAHHAHAHAHA
    jeff: ekeke not really la. like all asian countries, tetek besar is a rarity
    bimbobum: what kind of kuku bar? can help me shake my kuku?
    bosanova: keke of course not!

  3. xes: It was at the market? Well, transaction can be done somewhere else. Hahha.
    Btw, for a trans, that’s hot. Look at those trans here in KL, you don’t want me to elaborate more.

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