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happy mothers’ day! (14th may)
happy birthday fankerina! (12th may)
i was reading this article about a man who confessed to being a ‘mummy’s boy’. he was proud to be able to make and spend time with his mum, doing shopping and quality time together. i don’t see anything wrong with that.
but most of my girl friends and i fear dating a mummy’s boy. because some have a severe dependence on their mums. seriously.
imagine going on a first date with mummy’s boy, where he makes conversation and every sentence begins with, “oh, i agree, my mum says ….. “ – which will eventually be a bit tiresome. or you know how you do things a certain way, but the boyfriend’s always comparing you and his mum,“now why did you do it like that? my mum does it the other way…. (demonstrates)”. die la, i tell you.
sometimes mummy’s boy keeps making comparison with you and his mum, deliberately trying to piss you off. sometimes he’s plain ignorant of your feelings, because he has always had his mum as his mentor and he just has to have things done the usual way, i.e. his mum’s way.
to be praised for having things successfully done like his mum’s is also a bit intimidating. “wow, this is excellent! just like how my mum makes it!” alamak.
sounds like a lose-lose situation, right?
but let me tell you one thing, cooking is a sensitive issue for some. and for me. ;P i had a boyfriend who made atrocious disgusting faces when i fried kuey teow once. he practically flung his plate away from him, like i was about to poison him, saying it was horrible, because it was not as good as his mum’s, while my siblings were not complaining. *pulls hair out* everyone has different taste buds, but he kept insulting my cooking whenever i cooked (there were times i wanted to cry, i thought i was showing TLC), until i couldn’t take it anymore, and told him we’re going over to his house to eat his mum’s cooking – i refuse to play wife and cook for him ever!
my siblings and friends never complained about my cooking, only the bf did. sigh. what would have been the solution to the problem in the relationship, besides me quit cooking? ;P
but not all mummy’s boys are that bad. i think.

(a p.s. to chuoming: no, i do not have a lot of boyfriends… ;P)

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  1. Either u have alot of “interesting” boyfriends or you dated some guy who is a stingy, anal, over-sensitive, mama’s boy.
    Did i miss out something?

  2. bimbobum: I couldn’t help but read ur ps to Chuoming. It does seem as if you have LOADS of boyfriends. Really.
    To you, maybe 10-20 not too many. Maybe…50 is many..
    But to us normal people, 5-10 is many already lor…..

  3. Maybe Sexx0r shud open another section under his “categories” on “bimbobum’s boyfriends”
    ntg wrong with being a mummy’s b0y mmkay?

  4. who on earth is bimbobum lahh wei. must go look for a stingy, oversensitive, mommy’s boy’s ex girlfren or girlfren or something leh

  5. I agree with her.. dating a guy who doesnt like your cooking cos “his mom cooks it like this/like that” is bound to piss off any girl. be grateful got girl cooking for you already man.

  6. heheh he should give some positive criticisms the most, not that i think there would be any hehehe.. but just plain “ee my mummys cookings so much better” would just be plain duhh :PP hehe honfaai mummmys boii

  7. wolfx: hehehe… you want romantic stuff isit?
    karheng: aiya…. my history really is not colourful, the posts on ex-s are referring to the same guys. 50???? i think max also 5 la. ;p
    honfaai: if all my ex-s read this blog i sure die one. hehehe ;P mmkay, not ALL mummy’s boys that bad la, i said liao. ;P
    zing: stingy fella is a friend, not ex. ex’s gf come and find me not my faultttttttttttt **hides* (actually there’s a continuation to that post, but dowan to update you guys laaaa)
    raind: thanks. cooking is lurvvvve. sniff.
    Ivan: yer… honestly until every single thing also compared to mum’s cooking. ;P i guess Freud is right – men tend to date women who are like their mum, and women date men who are like their dad. spoooky!
    Devilishaz: i guess let the guy do everything from cooking to housework is better. ;P

  8. sharon: hoi. what 😛 dont call me that! just because i love my mummy more than how much others would love theirs 😀
    bimbobum: i agree with u. i really am not a bad guy oso what. im living prove! 😛
    actually. i oso cant compare. my gf doesnt cook. infact i cook most of the time

  9. ya ya. that’s my next mission, find a bf who can cook well. hehehe. can bake also, extra point!

  10. bimbobum: i got a friend who really cooks well. his name is frederick chan. his prawn noodles is so good till it made wendee cum 😀

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