Massive @ Cap Square, Kuala Lumpur

Just as I thought that my raving days are over, Tay, ivN and I were at Cap Square listening to Cosmic Gate and Scott Alert. This is probably the first rave they have at Cap Square and I must say that this is a great spot. It’s quite spacious and the sound system was excellent. The only drawback that I could think of is their toilet. There were less than 10 portable toilets to cater more than a thousand people. We had to line up to use the toilet. While lining up, a girl was standing behind me. She pleaded to me to allow her to enter first. So being the gentleman, I gave her way. When it came to my turn…
Then when it came to ivN’s turn on the other portable toilet, he came out screaming.. “FKKKINNGGG SMELLY!! FUKKKKK WHO THE FKKKK SHITSSS IN RAVEESSS!! ”

Anyway, back to the music which I have very little knowledge, I was expecting Scott Alert dropping some real hardcore and dark Melbourne styled hard house. Unfortunately, it wasn’t up to my expectation.
Drinks including mineral water were priced at RM10 per cup. There were plenty of girls running around offering vodka shots at RM5. Then there were two people running around selling mineral water at RM5 per bottle. I think these people smuggled in mineral water to sell!

Strangely, beer was not sold in this rave.
We somehow managed to scale through some barricades and ended up backstage. We had a great view of the crowd.

Cosmic Gate

At 1am, the crowd started pouring in and the place began to pack. We also somehow managed to enter the VIP area to escape the crowd. Fellow veteran shufflers Azmer, Johan and Jon were there! Great to see old faces again.

Cosmic Gate Opening Set – By the way, the guy who said “brought to you live from” in the video is not me πŸ˜›
By 2am, age started to catch up. We took our leave and headed back home. It was a great night. Made me feel like 18 – 22 again!

Crowd at 2am!

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