Singapore 21.6.2007 – 24.6.2007 – Part V – postbox

While walking around Singapore city, we spotted one decorated post box. Unlike the normal white and blue postbox, this postbox has been decorated. On a bottom of the postbox, there’s a note stating “”.

“” is actually a website. In, I found out about the background of these decorated postboxes. There was some sort of competition whereby artists decorates postboxes in all sorts of ways.

According to website,

    STAMP is a nation wide project that celebrates the city, city-life and you, the city-dweller. 40 city post-boxes have been selected for makeovers and await your magic touch! If you have an idea of a good post-box design, you might actually get to paint it onto a post-box and showcase your design to the rest of the country!

It’s kinda old news but please bear in mind that this entry was supposed to be posted a year ago!
If you want checkout the decorated postboxes, see their map on the website.

In Kuala Lumpur, You might not be able to see postboxes with such caliber .

Local postbox
You’ll probably see postboxes being decorated by local Ah-Longs (loan sharks), just like how they decorated the road sign below…

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