Massoc DnD 2004

Below are some of the picture of the MASSOC 2004 Dinner and Dance…

Thanks to Albert, I am part of the DnD crowd… =’)

What? Did I hear you ask why Albert didn’t want to go?
Oh…he said he didn’t know how to iron his shirt. And his ticket was going to be wasted. So, he decided I should have it instead…how sweet of Albert~~


p/s: siew pao, please edit this blog ok??
pp/s: siew pao is sweeter! heheeheee………

Here are some fappable materials..

21 thoughts on “Massoc DnD 2004”

  1. eh, the hse. at the background looks damn familiar, looks like the one my cousin used to stay in, marlborough rd…that corner lot…

  2. woik lelong! you’re either forgetful or you’re just a plain cheeky bum. *haha*i know Sam from hometown maa DUH!

  3. hey lainie: yup thats the su-anne from our workshop.. good memory u!! us coma brats should really get together some time!! :Dplus, great pictures wan san…!! u haf anymore? i’ll come steal them of u one day!

  4. Aiks…i see Su Ann from my church. Pikture no. 7 is cute.xes: Aiyah..liddat also can fap fap fap are u? Sheesh.

  5. Kf: Yeah! It’s the Marlborough Road house!! Who’s your cousin? I might know her!Thanks for all the compliments weh!!Head damn kembang already!ahahahaa…

  6. kf: yeah yeah!!!I’m the one who took over lish’s room…i still have her nametag on my door though…and other traces of lishan in my room!ehehehee…

  7. she’s too holy to have that kinda stains, hehe..probably there’s cat piss in there, pussy’s remnants..hehe

  8. I have very happy looking snails which lishan stuck on the ceilings still there…and etc. etc.. i should probably write about my house one day!

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