Maxis iPhone 3G

Finally! Finally!
iPhone 3G is in town! Many thanks to Maxis!

The sleek 3 in 1 phone (phone, widescreen iPod and internet device ) was release some time back in the United States but took a long time to arrive on Malaysia’s shores. The price is a little bit steep but that’s what you pay for a good phone. It around RM4000 for the phone together with a contract. But the price should be acceptable since the RM4000 is inclusive of a phone line + data plan (highest being 3gig!). Further, you can pay by way of installment. You need to fork out RM4000 straight! Its around RM150 per month!
Although its available at the local phone shops (at around RM2.7k), it didn’t come with warranty which is quite important for electronic goods. If your iPhone breaks down halfway, you have no choice but to send it to some dodgy repairman (who may download all your personal information from the phone O_O) or alternatively, throw it into the dustbin.
A friend had his iPhone thrown out from the 1st floor after it slipped off his friend’s hand who was playing some virtual fishing game. If he had the warranty, he wouldn’t have beaten his friend up so badly. But amazingly, the iPhone survived with couple of scratches.
To those doesn’t know, iPhone is one of the most technologically advanced phones. It only has a touch screen and no keypad. Keypad can be summoned through a single click and it will appear on the touch screen. Then you can move the keypad away to do other stuff like playing games, watch videos and even take pictures. Everything is done with your fingers. You can use your fingers to scroll through your photo album and even enlarge the photos using your fingers. It’s like having a small computer in your pocket!
One of the best things about iPhone is their games. You can download games from websites and then install it. I was so hooked to Parking Lot.

Parking Lot! Get your car out!
Some of iPhone’s game work on the motion of the phone. For example, there’s one driving game where you can move your phone left and right to control the car.
Further, with 3G, you can surf the net where ever you are – in the car, in a boring meeting or even in the toilet! There’s also no need for SMS. You can install Google Talk or MSN in your iPhone and be online 24 hours!
The Maxis iPhone 3G launch will be held at 7pm on March 20 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, where customers who have pre-registered for iPhone 3G (you can register at their website) will be invited to the event to collect their phones. Walk-in customers who have not made bookings may also register for iPhone 3G and will be notified for a collection on a subsequent date.
For more information about the Maxis iPhone 3G plan, please visit Maxis customers can also call 1800 821 123 for details on how to book their iPhone 3G devices and plans.

7 thoughts on “Maxis iPhone 3G”

  1. eh our fren din beat anybody when the phone drop la. just upset hehehe, oh btw he wants to sell his iphone 2G too. Any takers?

  2. Darren: its ok for such phone together with a contract i think.. somemore comes with warranty, which is to me most important le.
    Potatoball: ogggie. me buy iphone for potatoball in exchange of 12 potatoballs heehee
    Gavin: got new iPhone model?? im so outdated..just like the rest of the general public
    Tay: 2G outdateeeddd dowaaaannn

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