7 thoughts on “Kneeling Man’s Wife – Part II”

  1. If I’m his wife, i’d cut off his balls. the video irritates me to no end. he’s all egoistic, all centred on himself, saying he’s better than all the other cheating men because he dared to come out and do this huge ass publicity stunt.
    hope his never gets forgiven. what an asshole

  2. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one irritated by his video. He IS egoistic, self-centred and thinks nothing of himself.
    How dare he say that his wife is not pretty but he has to force himself to accept her since they have kids? And when he said that he was just being “playful” when he cheated 3 TIMES. What a f**ing joke!! Does he think its his inherent right to stick it into anything that moves after becoming a husband and father?
    I suppose the biggest joke will be them, if the wife takes him back. I hope she’s stronger than her husband.

  3. I just watched the video in your previous entries, what I can said to him is, get a life man.
    A man who admit that he found out that he’s in loved with wife when his wife ran away? What a joke? And a man who love his wife will never ask ppl around whether she’s pretty, hot or whatever is it, that’s truly lame, i bet he upload those vids is to promote himself to the world (maybe in m’sia only), and if the wife aint coming back for him, mayb there’s some chix out there touched by the vid that made by him and go after him? Good deal wei, get to drive his Toyota vios, but not his motorcycle okay? lmfao!

  4. seriously….he got to move on…3 times??not enuf…his wife really can sabar ady,wait till the 3rd time eh go out curi makan den only leave him…
    some of the words he use…is like using all the guys around like stepping stone by stating how good he is or watever…geez…love is not kneeling down,saying sorry and watever…if his wife go bck to him,i dun think is love anymore…is like compassion ady…well at least tat is wat i think lar…time and tide wait for no man..wat is gone is gone…geez….

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