Meeting with the Dean

I did some gardening today. I cut out some of the branching plants into the pathway and swept all the autumn leaves. Damn, I hate autumn. It’s cold, it rains everyday and leaves fall everywhere. Anyway, I found 2 coins buried in some cracks. I thought it was some ancient coin (mind you, my house is more than 120 years old). However, it turned out to be a piece of 10 pence and 1 penny, minted in 1992.

I finally met up with my faculty’s Dean after weeks of searching for him. As I walk in, he greeted me with ‘hello’ and a smile. His smile on his wrinkled face and patches of white hair covering his baldness reminds me of an old gentleman. He was expecting me (I mailed him last week) and asked me couple of questions.
“Where are you from?”
“aahh, so I guess it will be very useful for you there”
He looked on my application form and said, “so you’re in your third year and you want to take a first year subject. Have you ever studied Japanese before?”
I replied “No sir”
“Very well, I’ll sign it for you then, have you been going for the classes? How do you find it?”
“Yeah, almost every classes. I like the subject.”
“Okay there you go”
“Thank you sir!”
woopeeeeee! I’m officially taking Japanese language this semester!

3 thoughts on “Meeting with the Dean”

  1. woah, that was easy for u…. u basically have to answer simple questions, not mind twisting… wish all are like that ere

  2. cris: ehhe, the dean is damn nice layen: it’s malay. mmmm most malaysian can speak more than 3 languages. i can speak about mmm 4?

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