muay thai and server baack!

Muay Thai training was pretty shitty today. The class was small (hence we made less money this week) and I had to partner a girl. However, I underestimated her. Her kicks were amazingly strong. We were doing a push kick into the stomach. I was wearing a belly protector but her kicks were powerful.
11:50PMYesterday’s blog
I cooked for the first time even since I got back to Sheffield. Charles, Wen Dee, Shane, Siew Lee and I went to Castle market to get some groceries (it’s dirt cheap over there). I bought all the ingredients for Carbonara (Italian pasta) and cooked it within a short period of time (it’s my third attempt cooking Carbonara). It worked this time! Everyone loved it! It wasn’t too cheesy or too salty like the previous time I cooked it. However, everyone could barely finish it because it was amazingly filling.

MASSOC held a meet and greet session for the upcoming committee with the members. People running for a post must give a short speech about themselves and questions will be asked after they finish their speeches. We have plenty of people running for committee this year compared to the one last year. Some of them were crap but few of them were not bad.

Jun Meng, a veteran in our MASSOC society, who apparently also bombarded the people running for committee last year, repeated it again this year. He always use power words to question people till the extent nobody really understands him. He’ll ask anyone who seems weak or very influential. There was this guy who speaks weak English and had problem constructing sentences. He was running for treasurer and had no past experience except that the fact that he helped his dad to do some shares transferring. Jun Meng, without hesitation, indirectly insulted him by saying what does shares transferring got to do with a post of a treasurer. The guy couldn’t answer the question and had to retired back to his seat.

Jason caught us by surprise by running for president. He doesn’t look like a person that would be involved in clubs and societies. His speech is great and he seems to be doing well. As predicted, Jun Meng bombarded him with a tough question that involves social integrity with other societies and making sure that the identity of MASSOC would not be affected by it. Jason gave a good answer. He said that, the identity would not be lost but rather be known to other societies. However, as he was about to finish his sentence, someone interrupted him. The guy asked Jason whether would he allow other members from other societies running for MASSOC President. Jason replied ‘no’. The sentence “So doesn’t that make you a racist?” suddenly pops out from the guy. Jason was shocked but as soon as he wanted to say something, Hiskandar (our president) interrupted it by saying that there is an understanding between societies. Jon (our vice president) assisted Hiskandar but that guy shouted “racist!” No one knows what was his problem and it’s well known that that guy doesn’t know Jason at all. He’s like the Asian psycho who started shooting his classmates in Monash Uni. It was a moment of tense. Hiskandar had to quell the tense off. Jason finished his speech by saying “I feel so resented by the fact that I’m being called a racist”

There were many types of approaches made by the candidates in their speeches. Some preferred to brag about their abilities and past achievements. Some on the other hand gave unprecedented methods. One gal wore the shirt “Trust me, I’m a bimbo”. Another guy spoke about his obsession with football (he was running for Sport secretary) but spoke nothing about his role as a Sport secretary if he was elected. He even spoke like a nigga, with all the hand language and foul language. Jun Meng took the opportunity to bombard him. He asked whether is he a friend of Ali G. However, the guy had no idea who Ali G was.

The night ended in a hurry. There wasn’t enough time to conduct the question and answer session with the candidates. We ended the night by having a drink at Interval Bar.