Melaka Night Life Update

Prior to visiting Pure Bar @ Melaka early this year, I always thought that Melaka clubs consists of dangdut and fengtau clubs.

However, after visiting Pure Bar and also judging the Melbourne Shuffle competition in Station 3 Melaka, my perspective towards Melaka nightlife changed. Melaka is another upcoming night spot we should look up to.
Here are some upcoming events in Melaka.

More info @


14 thoughts on “Melaka Night Life Update”

  1. JK: ehe i think has good potential to rise up 😀
    bimbobum: yeah la. sounds like spastic.
    Amos: polluted with what? toxic waste aa

  2. Darren: kekeke im sure the older crowd enjoys dangdut pubs.
    jk: yup, plenty of spaces! my forum is relatively small, so plenty of spaces. just PM me if you need anything.

  3. is it me or is the Spazzo Bistro flyer full of typo errors or just plain bad english ?
    no offence to the creator or the host. but normally ppl expect flyers to have a better grammar and vocab. See if ya’ll can detect the mistakes.

  4. For the flyer
    Theme is from Neh himself because he thinks that his good in England! And I don’t understand what’s the meaning of a pair of couple dress….
    Better head back to primary before it’s too late!

  5. ” a pair of couples dress like Tarzan&Jane”
    could be changed to “Couples dressed like Tarzan&Jane” ?
    why are all these parties held in Melaka?!?
    even the next HS is there. Is Melaka getting cooler than KL ?
    The only events happening around KL*so far i’ve checked* is Velocity. The others are far from KL.
    Anyone care to give me the “heads up” on this situation ?

  6. knickx : the events ARE happening in KL – its just that they’ve all gone underground. The real dance kids are sick of the four letter club that rhymes with puke.

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