Melbourne 16

Melody brought me to the Anatomy Museum in Melbourne Uni today. The admission is free and tables and chairs are provided for students to study there. Pieces of human body are preserved in glasses. As we enter the room, we were greeted with jars of preserved hands, followed by legs, bodies, head, brains and foetus. To me, the exhibition wasn’t gruelling at all but it was sure disturbing. There’s this body of an old women with sagging breast and traces of pubic hair on her genital. It was the most disturbing (or I might say disgusting) sight of all. There were also some interesting ones ie well preserved foetuses and severed brains with eyeballs intact. Most of the organ donors are old individuals, judging from the persevered heads. Unfortunately, photographs are not allowed otherwise I’ll start snapping pictures. I wanted to take couple of sneak shots and started thinking whether should I. Suddenly, a sudden glimpse of a black shadow appeared on my corner of my eye. I turned and there wasn’t anybody there. I guess it’s a sign for me not to be disrespectful to any of the souls in the room.