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Hen is in Melbourne for a 10 days holiday. I brought him around the city today. We managed to cover almost the entire Centre Business District! We started off with lunch in A1 for the delicious roast duck rice with egg chiffon. I showed him my Aussie backpacking pictures and chatted for quite some time. Bourke St. was our next destination. I asked him whether if he want to eat free candies. I brought him to a Candy shop inside Royal Arcade where they give out free samples (it’s really good!). Hen felt so embarrassed that he took 2 small candies and ran out from the shop.

St. Paul’s Cathedral was next. I’m always fascinated with Cathedral. I love their architecture and their artwork even though i’m not a Christian. Hen doesn’t seem interested with it and we left as soon as we circled the building.

Since we’re near Crown casino, I decided to bring him there. As we passed the flaming towers, I told him the story I heard from our Grampians trip bus driver. The construction of the flaming towers was completed before the completion of Crown itself. Hence, it was left unused for months and birds started to nest on top of the flaming towers. And on an the day of Crown’s grand opening, without checking or cleaning the flaming towers, the staffs blasted the flaming tower at maximum power. Witness claimed that they saw flying pigeons on fire and charred remains of pigeons on the ground.

He headed back to Russell St, the Asian hole, to meet up with Hen’s girlfriend, a petite girl, cute face with huge eyes. We spoke for few minutes before Hen and I headed to the arcade (Hen is training for the Daytona Competition on Sunday!)

I had to leave Hen in the arcade for an hour to help Melody sort out some stuff in Melbourne Uni. We met up again in the city for dinner and this time, Irene joined us. She broke off with Kwok Hoong a month ago. geee, I wonder if they’ll get back together again. They’re always on and off.

Getting Irene and Hen sitting together on the same table is surely fun. Both of them are funny and entertaining. We never stopped laughing.
Yesterday’s Post
Melody, her friends (9 of them) and I went to Dracula’s. It’s some sort of cabaret performance with food provided in an old building. Their theme is quite interesting. It’s based on the western supernatural namely vampires, skeletons and frankenstein. Their staffs are dressed in gothic style ie black leather and painted faces. The staffs really put an effort in their work. They had to act, scream and laugh like a mad man every minute. The building is heavily decorated. Since the theme is based on western supernatural, they decorated the place with skeletons, taxidermies animal heads, ghoulish portraits and so on.

As we arrived, we were greeted by a tall man with a fake hunchback and his face well painted. He leaded us into the building and then descended the stairs to a little bar. He announced that we have to get on the ghost train in order to enter the dining hall. The train ride isn’t a simple train ride. It’s actually a little ghost house. It was completely dark and ghoulish figures pops out suddenly. Melody, Tiffany (Melody’s friend) and I shared a 4 seats train. It was really freaky. They even had real people popping out to scare the shit out of you! Tiffany was so scared that she screamed non stop.
The ride lasted only about 5 minutes. As we got out, I realised that we’re back in the same spot. All the train did was just going in a circle. The dining hall is actually downstairs!

The cabaret changes their theme frequently and this time it’s called Terrorvision. They made the whole scene like cable TV (they call it Channel 666). They even have their own MTVs, advertisements and movies (they performed Moulin Rouge)! The best was Dracula’s home video. It’s actually the videos of the person scaring people on the ghost train. It seems that ours was the best. Everyone laughed loudly as they watch Tiffany screaming her lungs out.

The night was great, great performance, good laughs even though I was with 9 strangers the whole night. The performers made the show great even though sometimes they really come out with corny jokes. There were mainly 4 performers, 2 man and 2 women. And as usual, in most cabaret shows, they always have wacky performers. The guy with the fake hunchback and another annoying girl were the wacky ones.

The performers always tried to get the audience involved. The annoying girl had this little interviewing thing, running around the room interviewing people or just to insult them. She would walk to a person, ask couple of questions and then insult them on either their clothing, hairstyle, looks or origin. Fortunately, no one took it seriously. Everyone was a good sport. However, unfortunately, the annoying girl came up to me and asked where I am from. I replied Malaysia. She then said, “oh I know some people from Malaysia. Dark hair and short (sounds like me!) and their names is like, kicking a tin into an alley! *Ting ling pang ling!*

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