Melbourne 6

I watched the Signs in Crown before clubbing yesterday. Great cinematography and suspense!
I hate racist. I hate it when whites are rude to Asians. I had this huge bald white guy whom I was blocking his way said to me “Congratulation, you just won the 1st prize in the fuck off competition”. I laughed and replied, “fuck you”.
Hard Kandy was brilliant. The club is located in a basement of a shop with just a small door as an entrance. No one would ever suspect if it were a club on a normal day. Patrons will have to descend a small stair and will be greeted by hard thumping music. Hard Kandy is also well known to be the haven for Melbourne Shufflers. The whites shuffled smoothly to the music while Asians shuffled with great amount of energy following the beat of the music. The huge dance floor is slippery due to the talcum power that Shufflers put. Everyone around me could shuffle. However, the atmosphere wasn’t that great. Every time I club in a western country, everyone was friendly and apologetic. But in Hard Kandy, I hardy see any of those values. Everyone seems to be hostile.
sAsA was there too. Every time I met up with her she’ll usually high on ecstasy. However, this time she was high on acid. She was so fucked that she couldn’t even dance or have a proper conversation with us.
Ben and I shuffled till 5am. As we were about to leave, a fight broke out suddenly. A Vietnamese guy grabbed a bottle and with his friends rushed toward an Asian guy. The guy tried to run away and almost knocked me down. I stood on a corner thinking that the fight will soon be stopped. However, the Vietkongs grabbed the guy and he was struggling madly and worst of all, the struggle was directed towards me! I tried avoiding again. Every thing was in disarray until 2 huge whites started grabbing everyone to stop them. In Melbourne, fights in clubs are not common but it was mostly between Asians. Sometimes the owner of the club got so fed up that they sometimes ban Asians from entering the club.
Ben and I left as soon as the fight stopped. We had Hungry Jacks before heading home.