Melbourne 7 A good movie and good food solves problems.

I cooked carbonara for dinner and it turned out well! It’s my second attempt on cooking Carbonara. The first time didn’t turn out well because it was too cheesy. Melody and I had a romantic candle light dinner. We turned off the lights and lighted couple of candles. We ended with strawberries as desserts.

Ben, Wei Chen and I went to a rave yesterday. It wasn’t really good. The club was small and packed and I was still tired from yesterday’s clubbing session. The music was good though.

I made a mistake about the facts of the fight in Hard Kandy. It wasn’t 6 guys charging towards 1 guy but it was a guy charging towards 6 guys! And furthermore, according to the news today, 2 guys were shot outside Hard Kandy,5478,4920662%255E2862,00.html

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