Melbourne 8

Nothing particular happened today. I had lunch with Melody, went to the arcade for 3 hours then met up with Melody in Bluezone (the café we always hang out in the uni) for coffee. We loitered in Bluezone till we were hungry.

I forgot to mention about the little conversation I had with the taxi driver who took me to the rave. He’s a young man of his late 20s from India and also a self admitted troublemaker in his younger days. He used to have a drinking problem which consequently caused him loads of troubles. There was once he was beaten up by a bunch of pimps because he didn’t want to pay for the prostitute’s service.

I asked him about his work. He used to drive the taxi part time but now he’s driving it full time, everyday, 24/7. He wanted to quit his job and have the weekends off but he rebutted himself by saying if he gets the weekend off, he’ll bump into troubles again. He then started talking about drugs. He prefers marijuana than alcohol and his friends was once tricked into buying sleeping pills for ecstasy.

He ended the drugs conversation “drugs are bad!”.