Melbourne Shuffle Competition in Up2U club, miri.15th-17th November 2006

After so many months of discussion and deliberation, it’s finally happened – the first shuffle competition in Miri, on the 15th and 17th of November. With the RM1000 prize money for the first place, contestants from all over Sarawak flew or even drove to Miri’s notorious club – Up2U, just for two nights of fighting it out on the dancefloor.
The competition on Wednesday (15th November) night was merely the elimination round, designed to select ten finalists out of the nineteen participants. Friday (17th November) night was a more serious affair, with several of the contestants exhausted to the point of being carried off the dance-floor halfway through their performances.
Such publicity! Such excitement! All that sweat – and maybe secretly shed tears, and the surprisingly good performances… and three winners were picked out of the nineteen contestants.
Alex Chua of Miri walked away the second runner-up, with his consistent performance and overwhelming popularity among the crowd. Wouldn’t say he was outstanding in any way, other than the fact he did well technically, so we’ll just move on to the next winner.

Eric Lee aka Explorer 360 bagged the first runner-up prize, with his energetic version of the Melbourne Shuffle coupled with a few daring trademark moves – including a handstand, his enthusiasm not dampened by the fact he’d suffered extreme fatigue and over-heating earlier on the dance-floor.

But the winner was from Sibu (Frank’s hometown YAY Frank’s hometown TAKE NOTE), Ling Ham Hoe, which surprised many, including the judges. With exciting dance moves and good looks (according to Ing Hui) and a good mastery of the dance, he literally blew the crowd away.

Sadly, my personal favourite, Banana Soon(Wait, BANANA?..ER..BANANA?!?!?..WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?), with fluid moves and outstanding showmanship did not win, even though he rated highly with the judges. Audience were biased, I reckon, but fair’s fair with contestants from each district bagging a prize.

As this post is starting to get boring, I’ll just leave you here with pictures and video clips of the event.

100% glow in the dark phat pants

the 50% glow in the dark phat pants

some girl wearing a 40% glow in the dark phatties?

the 0% glow in the dark normal pants. FENG AH FENG AH FENG AHHH!!!

Miri shufflers. Note: Kian is very fat here.bahahahaha

The crowd
p/s:Full credits to Arthur , Darren and Irene for video clips, pictures etc. Thank you, thank you and thank you and love you all alot!

18 thoughts on “Melbourne Shuffle Competition in Up2U club, miri.15th-17th November 2006”

  1. ahahahahahahahahha rych boh kuan post such unflattering pix… complete with captions some more you arse…
    kian is so gonna whack you when he sees you

  2. I was wondering why that banana guy didn’t win. Was actually rooting for him though I don’t know him personally. And he can do pop-locking too! blah…

  3. yeah, club name creates plenty of confusion, i tell you.
    “where do you wanna go?”
    “up to you!”
    “ah fuck it i have no friggin’ idea where to go. where do you wanna go?”
    “up to you!”
    “geez c’mon name a place ok…”
    “i said, let’s go to up2u you idiot knn…”

  4. xes/bimbobum:bejeezus,you both dating at that ungodly hourkah?reply also almost bout the same time.
    darren/khinko/Amos:i’m so gonna get whacked lol.
    Ing Hui:Sharing is caring right?right?right?
    Irene(2nd comment):Hahahaa what the hell, that sounds like me

  5. hey i just came back from KL recently and Up2u popped outta nowhere can i have the address plez?
    tho i’m not into shuffling i’m into popping thankz.

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