You’re Such A Bore, Stop Talking!

How many times have you both been on a date? Everything smooth sailing? You think you’ve got her hooked? Are you a good conversationalist? Think again.
4 signs that show you’re a bore.

1. She yawns consistently. She’s not paying attention!
You have to stop talking about your work or business or hobbies that may not interest her. Change the subject!

2. She keeps looking at her watch.
You shouldn’t going on and on without pausing, how is she to get a word in?
Hello, talking about your history of eczema and all, is not interesting.

3. She fiddles with her phone, always sending messages or answering phone calls.
If she spends a lot of time on the phone chatting, you’re in big trouble. She doesn’t respect you to pay attention to you during your date.

4. She doesn’t talk much.
That’s because you’ve choosen to talk about something that does not interest her, and she’s given up talking. So all she can do is pretend you’re an interesting person, smile and tune out.
Solution: Be interesting.
How: Sign up for my class on “How To Be An Interesting Conversationalist”!

21 thoughts on “You’re Such A Bore, Stop Talking!”

  1. Top way to bore someone is to talk about yourself all the time. My tip is to *ask* questions about the other person and vice versa. guaranteed participation 😀

  2. ChloeC: but asking too many questions and not giving information about himself also can be intimidating ;D
    /me pats dogma on the back. “There, there… I wasn’t referring to you. I yawned because i was tired.”

  3. Here’s a trick I learnt at a seminar about body language. If her body’s facing you, that means she’s interested. If she shifts so that her body’s facing away, and it’s not because of the chair or that she’s tired, she’s ready to get away from you!

  4. Is it better if i don’t talk and let her do all the talking? Cause that usually works for me.
    I’m a good listener. 😉
    There’s only trouble if BOTH of us are quiet.

  5. bimbobum: Usually you’ll look at the person when he/she’s talking to you to be polite, but most of the time I observed that I’ll tilt my body at an angle that’s not facing him if I want him to stop yakking 😛

  6. it takes 2 to tango! it both are interested, they will keep asking each other questions…! hehe. that way, it’s not one-sided only.
    …though there were times i asked questions just to keep the conversation going,.. and to be polite…
    oh well, guys should just learn to be a good observer.

  7. email me the application form.desperately need some exposure in this matter anyway, do you provide certificate at the end of the course? i would be elated to have it in my resume.

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