Melbourne Shuffle

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SHUFFLE COMPETITION @ Hard Kandy, Melbourne

Hard Kandy in conjunction with one of the largest rave crews in Kuala Lumpur (KL), are giving 6 lucky shufflers the chance to shuffle in KL through an all expenses paid trip. This came about because the crew in KL have heard so much about the “Melbourne Shuffle” and would like 6 of our dancers to perform as part of their stage production at one of thier events.

The prize: A return airfare to KL, 2 nights accommodation plus $250 spending money. Winners will also have the opportunity to appear in the Hard Kandy DVD later this year.

The travel dates:You will fly out on the 30th July (Friday) and return to Melbourne on the 1st August (Sunday). You must be available for these 3 full days.

The conditions: To enter, the following Terms and Conditions apply:
1) Dancers must be over 18 years of age.
2) Dancers must have a valid passport and be eligible and willing to travel (eligability will be checked through an interview process)
3) Dancers must not have any prior criminal convictions in order to be eligable to travel
4) Dancers must be available on 31st Jul to 1st August
5) Dancers must be physically capable to perform for multiple 30min sets over a 6 hour period.
6) Dancers will be representing HARD KANDY. Their conduct must be professional at all times.
7) Illicit substances are not tolerated in KL. HARD KANDY will not take any responsibility for any persons found or associated with drugs during the competition.
8) HARD KANDY reserves the right to cancel the competition without notice.
9) HARD KANDY reserves the right to reverse the final decision at any time.

The process: We have already been collecting names over the past few weeks of different shufflers. These people, as well as anyone who comes down to the re-opening on the 11th June and shuffles, will have the opportunity to be selected into the final 20.

The final 20 will be selected on the 11th June at the re-opening of Kandy. After we have selected these final 20 shufflers, we will be recording each person individually outside of the club. The judges will then sit down and watch the footage of each shuffler before selecting the final 6.

Those final 6 will need to go through an interview process with myself so that we can double check their eligability of travel. This will include checking passports and various other aspects which are neccessary to be able to gain a work permit in KL for this competition.

The remaining 14 shufflers will be held as “reserves”, pending the outcome that one of the final 6 is not eligable to travel.

12 thoughts on “Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. yummie: bass station!! eraine: uh what? no la not going la hahahah ivan: can eat one, after that damn pei one. HK now @ bourke street. no more little bourke πŸ˜€ Gavin: yeah go take pciture of the place lemme seeSui Lin: kekekekekekeke!!

  2. moved to Royal Melbourne Hotel, 629 Bourke St cross Spencer St… opposite City Point!!! eh… bass station nice ar? havent been there before wor…

  3. yummie: keke i;ve never been there before also..last time wanted to go..butthen thanks to this exgirlfriend of mine.. locked me in the house..cheepetgavin: hardkandy was @ corner of Little Bourke and Russell Street

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