flop flop flopppp

I had breakfast at my usual coffee shop, just next to the morning market. While eating breakfast this morning *Utada Hikaru songs playing in the background, coming from a bootleg CD stall*.

Mmm..soothing music then suddenly..*flop flop flop flopp*

The sound came from the morning market.

Apparently, the bootleg CD stall owner was running away. I could hear his slippers flip flopping as he ran. It seems that the local authorities came without warning and confiscated his entire stall. Even his speakers were confiscated. Poor guy, all he could save was his Bata slippers.

I’m going! Are you? 😀

10 thoughts on “flop flop flopppp”

  1. terjin: keke nvm..u wait for 31st july rave 😀 Gavin: u dream on la hahah Roy: yeah man.. but no worries..plenty of other places to get pirated stuff 😀 YUMMIE: i quit clubbing..but not raving u know? eheh eishin: aiyah..father’s day celebrate at night le keke

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