Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 4

There’s something new I learn today, I found out that Melbourne has plenty of conmen. You see, just now I was walking across a bridge after watching Moulan rouge at Crown’s, suddenly, there’s 2 white teenagers (claiming to be brother and sisters) claiming to be homeless after they were kicked out from the house by their mother. They were asking for $20 so they could stay at The Crown hotel for 1 night, but what I could see was, the guy looks pretty stoned and his eyes are droopy, probably smoked couple of joints. And yesterday, while I was in Chinatown, there’s this fellow asked me for 20 cents, which I refused to give, walked off furiously with a ‘fuck off’ word muttering out from his mouth. Nothing much happen today, I woke up like 4pm. The shops here closes at 5pm, aah, might as well stay home and watch the Simpsons.

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