Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 5

I had a long walk today, woke up bout 12 something, went to National Bank to change my old aussie notes to the new ones. After that, I went shopping! Smith St. was my first destination, there’s a lot of warehouses there, as in those branded warehouses. I bought a pair of Nike Sneakers for $120 at the Nike warehouse. My next stop was, Swanston St., bought a cap at Nike and a pair of shorts. By the time I finish shopping, it’s already 5pm, shops are closing that time, I ended up eating dinner at A1 café at Russell St. They have pretty good stuff there, I had this Char siew Siew chu yuk fan with egg chiffon, very tasty indeed. And for dessert I had ice cream from Hungry Jacks *yummy*! Lovely! While at night, it was all TV all night longggg..yawn..gnite

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