Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 7

I woke up early today, went to Vic Mart (Market) to buy some groceries back home. It seems that the market here has some similarity with our market in Malaysia, the sellers here chants up their current prices loudly to everyone. The funny thing is, almost every shop is competing who is louder. The market here is far much cleaner than Malaysia of course. Back in KL, you’ll probably step into a puddle of $#@$# while your walking in the market. My gf bought 2 CDs at J.B Hi-fi for $4 each, damn cheap! Gatecrasher CD for $14++ I think, while some newest dance CDs cost bout $29.90. I had Vietnamese food for dinner today at Pho Zung with my gf, and her friends, Ann Chang, Jeannette and Hon San. Very nice indeed. It seems that most of the food I ate in Melbourne are nice huh? Oh no, minus the Slovlakis I had, it tasted, eumm too salty! I went to this adult shop (something like Mid Valley’s sex shop). Compared to KL, the one I went to today was AMAZING!!! They have plenty of dildos, fake pussies and asses, gay men videos and mags.. ewwwwww fake tits,etcetc.. they even have a cinema with different prices for different kinda of ppl.. e.g. senior citizens pay $6.90, while students pay $12.10, but most of the ppl I saw were old men (HORNY old men..) h0h0 Nighttime in Melbourne is pretty boring if you don’t club/rave here, I spend the whole night watching TV and VCD..sheshh

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