Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 8

Tadaaa…I went shopping again today. This time I went to Chappel street and bought a big hooded jacket. Then I took a tram to the beach, St Kilda Beach, it was very very very cold! It’s like the wind from South Pole blowing towards here..argh. The water was quite clean surprisingly, comparing to our lovely Port Dickson. I had fish and chips for dinner. Very nice (yeah, again), but the portion was too big, uh, we had some leftovers, and fed them to seagulls. After being bored to death at home, we went for ice-cream at New Zealand Natural on Lygon *yums*!! Still feeling very wai sek we then had Lamb Souvlaki @ Lambs (AGAIN). Better this time.. not so salty .. g’nite all!

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