melody is back!

Melody is back! She’s having her 2 weeks Spring break starting from today.

Barely had enough sleep, I woke up completely blur but yet managed to struggle to wake up. I had to fetch Melody from KL Sentral train station.

We had ‘dimsum’ at Restaurant Ying Jia next. Good food, cheap and everything was freshly made (it was 8 o’clock in the morning, obviously everything was fresh). I was supposed to fetch Melody home after that but we decided to nap in my place for a while to avoid the peak hour jam. 2 hours later, I woke up completely blur again, headed straight to Melody’s place and slept there until late afternoon.
6:48PMStupid Ben hai, blog for one day only, stop blogging already!
1:58AMWent to the night market with Soon Yean, Gin Yew and Ping Sheong at Stevens Corner just now. It was packed due to the night market and we had to wait for a while for a seat. Minutes later, we found a seat next to a boiler. We were sweating like mad and decided to move as soon as we see a vacant table. We ordered our drinks and few minutes later, the table opposite us moved. We quickly picked our drinks and headed towards the other table. However, we were late, a couple took the table before us. Dreadfully disappointed, we wanted to get back to our original table. Unfortunately, a man was already sitting on our table. We were left embarrassingly stranded in the middle with our drinks on our hands.

Gin Yew is pretty excited but worried about going overseas this Sunday. The main problem was cigarettes. I told him to bring as much as he wants because there wouldn’t be any custom checks. I’ve been in and out UK many times and so far never once I saw a custom officers working in Heathrow and Manchester airport!!

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