I’ve seriously gotta stop buying DVDs man. I was out in the city this afternoon minding my own business just paying my bills. All of a sudden two DVD titles hit me right smack in the face, L.I.E and Requiem For A Dream. Both movies are said to be pretty controversial and disturbing at the same time. L.I.E is about a story of a young boy on how he dealt with his daily problematic life. The disturbing part of this movie is how he maintain a really weird relationship with an elderly men. Disturbing in a sense where the men was probably around 40 pluss years of age and the young boy was only about 16+-. When i said relationship it meant that they were both humping each other those kind. Sick? Hell yeah but heard alot of good reviews bout it though. Requiem For A Dream however, is a story on drug addicts and how their addiction fucked up their life like TOTALLY! The show doesnt end like “in the end they got over the drugs and lived happily ever after” instead it’ll probably end like “yeah and they died from overdose of drugs”.

Ok then i went to check it out at the local HMV, JB Hi-fi, and Intial D shop but thankfully they didn’t have both movies in stock. Thought i could have some extra cash on me for saving, instead i indulged myself in not 1 but 3 other DVDs as well! WHAT THE FUCK! I really gotta stop this obssession and get back to stalking chicks. It’s much more interesting and exciting. Not to mention taboo and it doesn’t cost a cent. Yeah well anyway, i bought Final Fantasy, The Siege (I trust it’s as nice as you said it would be Wei Chen!) and 9/11. The highlight was the 9/11 DVD which is as follows:-

“On the morning of September 11, 2001, brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet were working on a documentary about a rookie New York City Fighter. Hearing a roar in the sky, Jules turned his camera upward – just in time to film the only existing image of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Centre. In a fateful instant, Jules and Gedeon became eyewitnesses to the most shocking and defining moment of out time.

With cameras rolling, the Naudets followed NYV firefighters into the heart of what would be known as Ground Zero. What emerged is an unforgettably powerful cisual document and a stirring tribute to real-life heroes who, in their city’s darkest hour, rose to extraordinary acts of courage and compassion.”


Sorry to Webmaster xes for not been blogging for ONE day. Heard that it was a crime in certain countries for not updating blogs daily. Hahahahha! Been busy watching DVDs!! I’m sorry! On wednesday i decided to make a trip down Virgin Records on Chapel Street to grap some DVDs for entertaintment purposes. Got myself the movie Face/Off and Gone in 60 Seconds. Both highly recommended to watch movie! Nicholas Cage certainly put on a really awesome performance in both movies aspecially in F.O as Castor Troy. Loved the part in the plane where he said ” What if i ask you to SUCK my tongue…Would you be grateful?” to the undercover cop. Where as, Angeline Jolie has no doubt proved to be fucking hot in G.I.60.S with her luscious B.J (Blow Job) lips. She was as if calling out to me in the movies each time she looked at the camera. *DroOOol*

Yesterday, Thursday, i went mad again. But this time it wasn’t in Virgin Records. Instead, it was in JB-Hifi. They had a really huge mega store on DVDs down at Elizabeth Street on the junction of Collin’s Street. Initially, i was supposed to grap only one movie to occupy my night but when i saw the ample collection of DVD’s and not forgetting the PRICES on them, all hell broke loose. It was like putting me in a sushi bar when i just got out of jail! Spent nearly 2 hours there obssessing over their collection. Gotten myself Stigmata, A Knight’s Tale, Passenger 57, Outbreak, and Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Stigmata cause although it was such a disturbing movie (Get really terrified when girls start talking in manly tone), but it was a really meaningful one as well aspecially to me as a christian. Yes! i’m a christian who craves for the TEH Hottest Sex so fuck off :). A Knight’s Tale cause it’s pretty hilarious and stupid at the same time… oh yeah, and it was CHEAP (AUD 18.95). Loved how the king spoke in medievil terms “This is my word, and of such is beyond contestation”. Passenger 57 cause it was one of my favourite movies during my childhood times. Outbreak, cause it’s one of the best Virus-Infect-Population movies out there. A very close resemblance to the all time famous and deadly virus known the mankind, the Ibola virus. Tomb Raider cause of Angeline Jolie’s breast, Angeline Jolie’s breast, and Angeline Jolie’s breast. *fantasize*. I need help i know.


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