A fortune teller once told me that I‘d be popular with older ladies. So today, while having breakfast alone….
Lady 1: Is anyone sitting here?
Me: oh nono, I’m about to go.
(Lady 1 and Lady 2 sit down)
Lady 1: wahhh..slow down young man…don’t drink so fast…are you afraid of us??
Lady 1: Old ladies like us don’t have any chance la.
Lady 2: bwahHAhahah
Me: …..
Lady 1: Bwaahhwahaha No chance you know..NO CHANCE!!
Lady 1: hallo hallo lengjai*?? Where are you going?? Hallo!??
/me runs.
* a good looking person in Cantonese

32 thoughts on “MILFs”

  1. if they are MILFs y u run away man. hmm at least ur not attracting gay dudes like u always do this time 😛

  2. xes: Looks like ur hot wif da older ladies. “They are like wine….gets better wif age.” Quote from American Pie (Finch)

  3. JolingX: ya…if that is so, they r SO my type
    xes: R u sure they r MILF? yeah, why u run away?
    gguni: that only apply to man, sorry…sorry ladies…i think i better shaddap now.

  4. shanks: as i have iterated on my reply to stooms, they’re retired milfs
    weichen@iamdummb: fuck u la. better than u k, the only thing u attract is flies cause you are shit!!!
    frank: i never say there are milf. only the topic is milf. hehehe no direct reference that they are milfs. anyway, bottom line is, THEY’RE NOT HOT!!
    gguni: finchs da man la. mother fakka

  5. Yeah I think the part when she says old ladies like us have no chance is pretty scary 😛 Like she’s trying to score with you! XP
    Did a fortune teller have to tell you that?!? Any young hot guy would be popular with the older ladies. . .

  6. lol 😀 sweet… if they’re rich.. true la.. can goyang kaki mm sai yao edi 😀 i wonder soon, which uncle will hit on u ler sexx0r 😀

  7. flint: to be frank, i went to the one @ plaza. hehe
    honfaai: tha would only happen to gavin la
    chuoming: LOL KAM YU LOU
    Applegal: i’ll ignore the 2nd post..i dont mind being referred as young and hot kekekeke
    GAmBs: whats lai koh?

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