Miri – Day 2

Continuation of Balcony presents “Max Factor” @ Miri, Sarawak

Barely 4 hours of sleep, Kian and Shan Mei picked us from the hotel. Mr. Ma wanted to treat us dim sum. Many thanks to Mr. Ma.
Thereafter, Kian and Shan Mei then brought us around Miri. We started off with the Crocodile farm. Yes, of all places, the crocodile farm.

It was like a mini zoo, other than crocodiles, they had sun bears, monkeys, snakes, bats, ostriches and turkeys.

Sun Bears


Wild cat!


Crocodiles have this habit of opening their mouth. I’ve no idea what they were doing, but it sort of gave me an idea. I grabbed a piece of Clorets (mint candy) and threw it into the crocodile’s mouth. I missed. DAMN!!

Unfortunately, to me, the animals were in pitiful stage. They were caged in small cages with concrete floors and seem to be very hungry. A monkey stole a girl’s glasses and tried to eat it. The girl was screaming, “JANGAN!!! ITU BUKAN DUA RINGGIT PUNYA!!!”. (NOOOOOO!! It’s not a RM2 glasses!!)
Amos made his debut on shuffling videos. He shuffled in front of some turkeys. The turkeys responded with a lot of clucking.


After Crocodile Farm, we stopped by Miri Boat Club. Loads of expats around.

Next destination, Esplanade Beach. Miri’s beaches aren’t exactly top quality. The water’s brown and the beaches are dirty. However, it’s a nice place to relax. Kynan and Hansley dropped by to see us. Ryan was busy playing with crabs.

We adjourned to Canada Hill thereafter. Its a place where we can get a good view of Miri City. Based on observation, we could only see 4 tall buildings in Miri!

Thanks to Air Asia, our flight was delayed again. Initially it was scheduled at 940PM. Then delayed to 11PM and subsequently 1130PM. And just as we got into the pre departure hall, it was rescheduled to 1150PM!!

One last picture..

Air Asia..now everyone is late!

10 thoughts on “Miri – Day 2”

  1. like tat also can..delay and delay and delay
    sun bears berry cute ah..they praise the sun ??
    I see someone holding a pack of FamOUS AmoS cookies oh….*grabs*

  2. The cookies was finish in MIri airport…i love the view of Miri Boat Club, if possible really hope to work for “Shell” and request to stay over there…
    CL: the croc is not weired they call it the Malayan Croc, this is what a read from the sign board.. Oh ya you should edit the plane into “Always Late.com”

  3. hey, the reason why the crocodiles open their mouth all the time is because they are waiting for their victims/food…
    it’s also a sign that they are hungry.
    🙂 was told when i was in safari in bangkok…

  4. I thought they open their mouths to keep cool?
    Hahaha, the turkeys must have thought it was some mating dance and were expressing their awe and interest 😉
    The weird crocodile looks like a poor mutated creature. Sun bears look damn hungry 🙁 Porcupine oso kesian. People waiting at the airport because their flight delayed numerous times? Most kesian of all!! ;D

  5. now darn scared…I’m flying back from Bali on 31st….hopefully I don’t have to spend my countdown in the PLANE!!!!!!!!

  6. peggy: yea yea i had famous amos cookie as well! but few minutes after buying it, they packed it up for disposal. cilakak.
    Amos: aiyah doubt u’ll get to stay there. they probably dump u at some long house
    sarah: whalao they never sent you any sms? they sent us one!
    bent: hek hek. thanks thanks forever young!!
    lucy: ooooooooooo thanks for the info. i should have fed Amos to the crocs
    Applegal: yes. msians are kesian people
    darren: yeah man, actually many times already! kena couple of times when i went to johor
    irenehai: keakekake it might happen. so anticipate it!!

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