Missing Dogs

[Since the theme this week is DOGS, not CATS. ;D]
This is Bonny.

This is Daxxx.

Last month, a friend and her family were car-jacked on the highway to Penang from KL. Their car, belongings and money were taken. They asked to keep the dogs but the hijackers were adamant about taking the dogs as well.
However, they are wondering if the dogs may have been released by the bastards or sold somewhere.
Details are vague, though they do hope they can recover the dogs.
Any ideas? Do contact us. It’s a long shot, but it doesn’t mean we’re not here to try and help. πŸ˜‰

13 thoughts on “Missing Dogs”

  1. say bye bye to the dogs.. most probably they are sold away or end up in some1’s plate.. anyway how do spot dogs like that… too many of them around unless they hav special markings..

  2. If you’re looking for missing dogs, you can try one place at puchong,
    if ioi mall is on your right, go straight until kinrara town, near the esso station. then u turn into the esso station.
    get down from your car and goto the shop behind the esso station which says “Dog Fried Noodles”.

  3. Wah, Penang highway car-jacked tim, m’sia nowadays …-.-”
    bimbo: human missing oso difficult to find back,more over a dog that only know how to bark??hrmm…good luck to you friend then…

  4. Thrillseeker: Chewbacca!
    Khinko: ya, police won’t find missing dogs, do they?
    rych: unlikely. why? u wanna eat them? πŸ˜‰
    happy friday 13th!!

  5. kawaii!… I just want to give them a cuddle. Bimbobum, can I oso give u a cuddle.
    Out of curiosity, y would they end up in Sarawak?

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