Purina One

‘Elaine’s’ company just organised some sort of promotion for Purina One (New premium dog food from Nestle). The said dog food has just been launced recently.
In this promotion, there is one 30 day-challenge contest. You can find out more about Purina One from the website @
Also, tune in to Mix FM or MY FM in the morning breakfast timebelt starting 9th April 2007.
No, I’m not getting paid for this promotion, just helping ‘Elaine’ out. Some prominent bloggers are involved in promoting this product. I heard that one blogger actually said,
“Yes, I have 2 dogs. But I don’t give a damn about them”. LOL
Many years ago, I had a dog. She was with us for few years until one day, she disappeared. πŸ™

Years later, I was told that she was killed in a car accident and my parents kept her death a secret to me >.< At the moment, I do not have a dog. But I have a cat πŸ˜€
Few months ago, my colleagues and I were having dinner after a heavy drinking session.
Female Colleague (“FM”): So where are you going after this?
Me: I think I’m going to go home to feed my cat.
FM: CL, do you know that sounds DAMN TURN OFF???
Me: ….
Owning a dog is sexier, I guess.

20 thoughts on “Purina One”

  1. LOL. funny with the comment. keeping cat/dog as a pet is normal. DAMN TURN OFF? haha.. should have told her “dont worry, i can turn it back ON anytime….”.

  2. ivn: sure, in the meanwhile, you are cordially invited to my home to enjoy a nice cup of shut the fuk up. LOL
    Visitor: keke i cant do that,, this FM belongs to the ‘untouchable’ group.

  3. visitor: hahahha..can TURN ON anytime??
    weee~~ wow wow miao miao~~!! (mummy say no pets in the house..=<)

  4. Eeeee, that pic of the cat is so cute!!! What’s wrong with guys having cats? I think it’s fine. If a guy was keeping endangered birds or wildlife as pets THEN I have an issue with him.

  5. applegal: the iguana is a damned fun animal. It doesn’t have intentions to hurt you. It just wants to look good and sit there so that you can stare at it and even when you try to move it…it doesn’t move…
    But when u feed it…it moves like a rubbish bin!

  6. karheng: Rubbish bin?? . . . I thought rubbish bins don’t move? Fun animal? Hahahaha, fun animal to me means it’ll do tricks like jump through hoops or something πŸ˜‰

  7. Visitor: heh, if you’re from my firm, you will know πŸ˜€
    darren: hmmmm i have not heard any girls say “guys with dogs turn me on”
    amos: u sohai ah, only girls can own cats???
    zhong: i love dogs too! they are tasty!!
    epel: out of all the comments here, u’re the only person who comemnted that its cute keke
    endroo G: hehe only 2 ma πŸ˜›
    sam: hehe yeah! bring over to your place? cannot la, the fellow will pengsan!

  8. Karheng: rubbish bin, rofl..
    yeap, Iguana is more lazierr than pig i would say…eventhough u pull the tails oso won’t move 1, and Iguana likes to sleep on human shoulder, hrmm, mayb they likes to enjoy human heats??
    xes: behind my house got alots cats, if u want, gime a buzz, FOC to bring home…

  9. Irene: kekeke can, butthen u need to bypass my mum and tenant first keke they love that cat.
    khinko: no worries mate, you can keep them. keke

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