Confession of a Dangerous Mind
Seen it on 4th April 2003 with Frederick, Chuo Ming and Hun Chong at UGC cinema, Centertaiment, Sheffield.
Rating: 4/5
Synopsis: A real story based on the unofficial autobiography of Chuck Barris, the infamous American TV producer. Chuck was famous TV producer but secretly he was a hitman for the CIA.
Comments: A superb movie directed by George Clooney. Sam Rockwell’s superb acting brings life to the character. The story was a bit too slow for Frederick; He fails asleep during the show. If you like “Catch Me if you can”, you will like this show

The Phone
Seen it on 5th April 2003 alone in my uncle’s place in London
Rating: 2/5
Synopsis: A reporter who wrote an article on youth prostitution in Korea changed her mobile phone number when she started to get blackmailing phone call from the Korean mafia. Strange thing started to happen from then. She started to get weird phone call from a woman and She kept seeing the ghost of a school girl appearing in her house and even in her car. At first, she thought the ghost was just her imagination and the phone call was from the mafia. Hence, she embarked on an investigation to find out the culprit. Things started to get even freakier when her friend’s daughter was possessed by a spirit after the daughter accidentally answered her mobile phone call. Her investigation later showed that the two previous owners of her mobile phone number had all died mysteriously.
Comment: This is a Korean movie. I was not intending to watch the movie at first but when I saw the beautiful actress on the back cover of the VCD, I decided to watch it for awhile. The show was quite scary and the idea of the getting ghostly phone call on your mobile phone was indeed very freaky. Unfortunately, the crappy ending spoiled the whole show. However, Credit should be given to the little actress who acted as the girl who was possessed by the evil spirit. Her acting skill was almost as good as the girl in “Exorcist”. If you think “the Ring” is scary, you should see “the Phone” as well.
12:32AM “God did not write the gospels in the bible only but He writes it on the trees,the flowers,the sky and the cloud as well”