skipped employment seminar again

Millionaire trio convicted of cheating in the tv game of Who Wants to Be an Millionaire. A college lecturer and the winner’s wife were convicated of aiding the winner to win 1 million pounds by assisting and guiding the winner through series of coughs. However, this episode was not aired on tv.
Millionaire’s route to top prize

Skipped Employment seminar again. This is the second seminar I’ve skipped. I was supposed to present one of the answers but unfortunately, I had problem doing it. I didn’t understand a jackshit from the textbook (probably I’m not focused) and I don’t want to present a crappy answer. I ended up sleeping at home 😀
I spoke to one of my seminar mates in the library. Apparently, only 4 people turn up for the seminar. Phew, thank god I’m not the only one.