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On Shrove Tuesday – or Pancake Day – it is traditional for British people to cook pancakes – flat fried cakes of flour, eggs and milk, often served with just lemon juice and sugar – very tasty. The tradition started with the using up of foods avoided or forbidden during Lent, the 40 day Christian period of abstinence leading up to Good Friday and Easter. However, many British people enjoy the tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday [today, March 4th] even if they are not practicing Christians. People like to toss the pancakes – flipping them over in mid-air from the frying pan. Can be messy if you get it wrong!
11:30PMSorry for the frequent downtime. My website will be moved to a new server soon. My service provider is moving their server to a new one in US and hence new restrictions will be imposed on me.

I will have to remove the Melbourne Shuffle videos due to bandwidth restrictions (2gigs/month). Other files will have to go to. sob sob..


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