surprise party!!

I am soooo blur, I had no idea. 😀

I figured it was going to any random day – late lunch, classes, defrost chicken, eat dinner and then watch them play ps2 aGAin. But something unexpected happened to me during the day and I was pretty much down for the rest of it, even when Shane and Siew Lee brought me out supposedly for some coffee but instead, took me all around Ecclesale buying candles and halogen lights (riiigghhttt Siew Lee?) and rotting in Mike’s place watching Jay Chou videos and random canto-pop mtvs to my ULTIMATE despair :D.. I started to whine about going home but they refused to take me home (ermm yeah, I still haven’t figure it out by then) so we went to Cafe Rouge for some hot chocolate and tea – it was 7 in the evening and I was wondering when we were finally gonna go home for dinner.

Well, we finally head for home with Fred driving us home and eventhough Jon’s car was parked right outside the house, it still didn’t occur to me anything was up. Walked in and then WARRRRRHHH!!!!!!!!!! The most successful surprise any surprise party could ever come up with! They thought of everything from the balloons, confetti, banner, the MEGA CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE from Fat Jacks (woohoo!!!), the red eggs and the birthday noodles among others. And I gotta mention how the champagne cork fell strategically on Allen’s head – punishment maybe for being the first to attack the food, hmmm? 😉 hehe.. I wonder if he reads this site?

I shall get all mushy now and tell you guys how touched I was and still am right now. I feel loved! muaHAhaaa… Just when things seem to be at its lowest, I felt that the surprise party brought my spirits up once again… My 21st birthday has to be the best birthday I ever had and this has to be all thanks to everyone of my housemates – Fred, Chuo Ming, Alex, Leong, Khai Fei, Mindy and Siew Lee and also the people that helped and also turned up at the house 🙂 You guys are just the sweetest!! If I had 7 kids next time, I swear I would name them all after you guys, mannn!!! 😀

Alrites… going off now, am still bubbling from yesterday and before I start another all out attack on this entry with another long paragraph – laters all… 😉


4 thoughts on “surprise party!!”

  1. I guess if anythere is there to say, but this is the last person speaking out of it… actually Damn chat tired doing the dinner party. we got 2 hours to fix it for her. And I was practically running around the house. Khai Fei announced that he had the toughest blow job ever. (ehem. For the balloon of course).. and damn, Chuo ming can’t even fuckin blow a baloon.. by nightfall I am as dead as a corpse. Guess it was worth it since Wendee even post one story out of it. 🙂 Now I still see her jumping around the house already.. very lively. Quite happy after a while.. Girls… random mood, though she’s 21, still like 20. nothing had changed, maybe a good thing. 🙂

  2. muAHhaHAhaa… and that is a damn good thing… trust me, even if I was 30, I would still be jumping like I was 20 around the house… you guys rAWkkKk…

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