Mr. Bobby

I had to call up Mr. Bobby at work the other day to chase for some documents my boss have been waiting for.
So I called up Reindeer Sdn Bhd and asked for Mr. Bobby. The receptionist passed the call to Mr. Bobby.
Mr. Bobby: Hello?
Me : Hi, Mr. Bobby! This is Bimbobum from Xec. My boss asked me to call you regarding the inspection for Rambo company?
Mr. Bobby: Huh? Rambo company?
Me : Yes. Remember? You were supposed to revert to us with an answer.
Mr. Bobby: Can you speak to one of my inspectors, please? Because I don’t do inspections.
Me : Er. But …
The call was then passed to a Cik Suraya.
Suraya: Hello?
Me : Cik Suraya? I’m calling regarding the request for an inspection on Rambo company. Actually, my boss, Mr. Buba, told me to liaise with Mr. Bobby.
Suraya: Oh, It’s OK. Speak to me instead. Did you send us a request in writing?
Me : CIK SURAYA (I was getting annoyed). The request was faxed to your company early August! We haven’t received a report from you!

Suraya: Oh? What company is it again? Rambo? Where is it located?

Me : Er, let me check the file again, please.
Suraya: I don’t recall any requests from your company…… what, Xec?
Me : Hang on, let me check the file first …… (I looked through the file and realised something was not right.)
Me : I’ll get back to you when I go through my file, Cik Suraya?
Suraya : OK, OK.
I was supposed to call a Mr. Bobby at another company, Rumdeer Sdn Bhd, and NOT Reinder Sdn Bhd.
What are the odds of getting someone by the right person, but the wrong company??
I never called Cik Suraya back. ;D

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